Floribama Shore Season 2 release date: When does MTV show return to air?

Aimee and Nilsa from Floribama Shore
Floribama Shore cast members Aimee Hall and Nilsa Prowant

Floribama Shore is coming back to MTV — and here’s everything we know so far, including the release date and cast. There is plenty more fun on the way for Season 2 and we are definitely here for it.

The Floribama Shore cast took a Twitter hiatus but returned to social media last week after they wrapped up filming. Of course, that immediately sent fans into a frenzy with questions about when Season 2 of the show will begin.

It has been confirmed that Floribama Shore will be back as of June 19. Tuesday nights will be filled with shenanigans from the cast once again. This time, they know each other and are familiar with what to expect going into the house.

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Aimee Hall is the breakout star of the show. She is returning to Panama City Beach and is ready to party it up. Unfortunately, there were some bumps in the road while filming, but that didn’t stop Hall from doing what she came to do.

Along with Aimee, the other members of the cast are Codi Butts, Jeremiah Buoni, Gus Symrnios, Kirk Medas, Nilsa Prowant, Candace Rice, and Kortni Gilson.

Season 2 of Floribama Shore will run 14 episodes for this season, which is a cutback of six episodes from the 20 that was ordered when the series was renewed earlier this year.

Chi Chis up, it is almost time to party with the Floribama Shore crew!

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