Flipping Out’s Zoila Chavez takes emergency condoms and DOUCHES on holiday

Zoila Chavez
Zoila Chavez, Jeff’s housekeeper, who comes out with some surprising revelations

Flipping Out’s Zoila Chavez has revealed she takes an emergency bag containing tampons, condoms and vaginal douches whenever she travels.

The revelations came to light in a jokey phone call with Jeff for tonight’s episode of the hit Bravo show.

The conversation started with Jeff revealing that American Airlines lost design associate Vanina’s bag.

After hilariously referring to American Airlines as “a bad boy”, Zoila is quick to reveal that Vanina is probably in a bit of a pickle as she’s on her period.

Jeff tells Zoila: “She’s wearing the same clothes she wore yesterday,” to which Zoila responds: “Oh my God. She have the period.”

Jeff and Gage say in unison: “How do you know that?”

Zoila reveals that Vanina told her, before adding: “She need to go to buy some panties.”

Jeff says: “She needs some panties and some tampons.”

Zoila agrees, but says it’s possible Vanina has some in her purse just in case.

She then doles out some sound advice, saying: “Normally, it’s good you take a little suitcase with you. Normally it’s what I’m doing. Emergency clothes. Tampon, condom, and everything. Douches.”

She then asks Jeffrey if Gage brought along douches for their trip.

After the call ends, Gage says: “She’s so crazy.”

And it also appears she’s super-happy that they’re not at home!

Tonight’s episode of Flipping Out sees Jeff head to Chicago in a bid to build a relationship with a furniture firm — but it quickly becomes evident that his team’s going to have to woo the company’s whole family.

Jeff and Gage also start looking forward to their new baby daughter, after hearing her heartbeat for the first time in the last episode.

But Jenni is struggling with fertility issues, following her sperm-in-bag drama two episodes ago.

Flipping Out Season 9 Episode 6 trailer

Flipping Out airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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