Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis: I’ve planned divorce from Gage Edward hundreds of times

Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out
Jeff Lewis talks about planning his divorce from Gage Edward on this week’s Flipping Out

Flipping Out star and new dad Jeff Lewis has revealed he has planned his divorce from partner Gage Edward — HUNDREDS of times.

The pair became dads in October last year when daughter Monroe was born by surrogate, with their first steps at fatherhood playing out in recent episodes of the Bravo show.

Flipping supremo Jeff and Gage have never actually tied the knot, although Jeff said earlier this year that he was sure it would happen “eventually”.

Despite that, he said he has walked through them splitting up hundreds of times in his head — and has even got down to the nitty-gritty of who’ll live where and who’ll get which staff member.

He made the revelation in a scene filmed for this week’s Flipping Out episode, telling producers: “You know, I don’t know anybody who gets on 100 per cent of the time, but I’ve planned my divorce, like, hundreds of times in my head.

“I mean I go real specific, like ‘I’m going to live here and he’s going to live here’, and ‘I’m going to see the baby here and he’s going to see the baby here’, and ‘I’m going to have to take this employee and you’re going to take that employee’.

“I mean, I work it all out in my head.”

Asked if a potential divorce would be civil, Jeff replied: “It’s a civil divorce that could become ugly depending on whether he’s civil or not.

“But I do, like, really plan my exit — and I’m sure he does too. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does too. Probably often. But I’m sure a lot of couples do that. I would think it’s normal.”

Flipping Out airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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