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Flipping Out: This baby thing just got real for Jeff and Gage…and Jenni

Jeff, Gage and Jenni looking at the ultrasound on this week's Flipping Out
Jeff, Gage and Jenni looking at the ultrasound on this week’s Flipping Out

On Flipping Out this week, having a baby finally gets real for Jeff Lewis and Gage Edwards when they sit in on an ultrasound scan with their surrogate mum.

Jenni Pulos also has an emotional moment when she watches the pair’s experience as it gives herself hope that she might have another baby as she goes down the IVF route.

Jeff and Gage’s expressions as they see their unborn daughter’s figure on the screen can’t hide their emotions.

The pair earlier heard its heartbeat, but it all hit home this time around.

Gage says: “I’ve been excited since the heartbeat, I think Jeff…I’m more excited because he’s now really seeing it and that is really a baby and she’s X-centimeters long and you’re seeing the shape of the head and the real limbs and the fingers and the toes — and every time it becomes more and more real.”

Jeff adds: “This just got real. It’s exciting.”

But it doesn’t long for the pair to start asking questions of the ultrasound technician about whether there’s anything wrong with their daughter, who is due this fall.

Jeff points out that she must often have to give people bad news, but she says that’s not her job but the doctor’s.

But Jeff is his usual cheeky persistent self as tries to probe further, saying: “So there’s nothing you’re not telling us that we’re going to get a call from the doctor tomorrow?”

Also on this week’s Flipping Out, Jeff tries to get the house construction finished by moving his whole kitchen inside his office.

But the chaos causes the heat to rise between Jeff and Gage ahead of a trip to meet Alexandra, and Jeff is glum because the new nursery means Zoila has to move out.

Flipping Out airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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