Flipping Out: Jeff makes cheeky SEX jokes in front of client who only speaks French

Jeff tells the French client how Jenni has had "a LOTTA sex" on tonight's Flipping Out
Jeff tells the French client how Jenni has had “a LOTTA sex” on tonight’s Flipping Out

On Flipping Out tonight, Jeff takes full advantage of a client only speaking French — by whipping out some cheeky sex jokes that she can’t understand.

Jeff starts by introducing Jenni to the female client and the conversation quickly turns as he says she was married to a “big loser”.

Then, with the French woman furiously nodding in agreement, he tells her how Jenni has had “a LOTTA sex”.

Jenni insists she’s been a “virgin…long time”. But Jeff can’t himself and quips: “Just the tip a few times.”

Jenni and Vanina are left in embarrassed shock, while the poor little French lady has no idea what’s going on and just continues to agree.

Jenni says: “Jeff thrives on being inappropriate. Like my dog, she’s food obsessed. If she sees the food, she’ll eat herself to death. Jeff would do that with being inappropriate. So in this case, he just charged — and, you know, I have to say I jumped in.”

The pair then continue to prank the French woman by telling her they can keep Vanina, who is in a back room — and asks them to feed her because “she hasn’t eaten in a few days”.

Jeff says: “If you don’t mind keeping an eye on her, because she’s been crying and she’s been a little unproductive today.”

Jeff says they’ll pick her up later but Jenni says: “If she cries, you can have her.”

And Jeff knows exactly the response he’s going to get when he tells the woman that Vanina is “completely unbalanced”. She nods, and Jeff grins: “Ah, you agree.”

Also on tonight’s Flipping Out, Jeff puts Zoila on an extended leave after making a string of mistakes.

He totally loses it and goes to see his therapist Dr. Donna in a bid to calm down, revealing how he’s scared about how he’ll balance work with his newborn, expected later this year.

Flipping Out airs Thursdays at 9/9c on Bravo.

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