Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis is about to have a breakdown over DUCKLINGS

Jeff Lewis visibly on edge as he deals with multiple issues on this week's Flipping Out
Jeff Lewis is visibly on edge as he deals with multiple issues on this week’s Flipping Out

On Flipping Out this week, Jeff Lewis appears to be on the verge of a total breakdown after some ducklings appear in his backyard — then quickly vanish.

Jeff’s paternal instincts already seem to be in play ahead of the birth of his and Gage’s daughter via surrogate this fall, as he’s visibly disturbed when he can’t find the cute baby ducks.

When told they haven’t come back he starts to worry, but has a moment of hope when housekeeper Zoila Chavez says she might have seen them in the pool.

She asks: “The baby duck is very teeny?” Jeff gets all excited, saying: “Yeah, why?!”

Zoila replies saying she thinks they’re in the pool, then leads him to the back door where he experiences the ultimate disappointment after spotting one solitary adult duck — along with some sad looking fluff floating in the pool.

Cue sad music as Jeff stares longingly out the doorway and says: “They’re just feathers.”

After witnessing the episode, Jenni Pulos says she’s really starting to worry about Jeff’s mental state.

She says: “Honestly, I think Jeff is overloaded — and I’m worried about him. He’s manifesting a lot of his fears on these ducklings. And there’s so much pressure at once that he’s spinning.”

Jeff’s stress levels are also not helped by having to deal with architect Jason in Hollywood — which he says is making him lose his hair!

Also on this weeks’ Flipping Out, Jeff and Gage carry on having run-ins and Jenni begins the IVF process.

Flipping Out airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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