Flip-It Cap on Shark Tank: Can Steven Epstein convince the sharks to invest in this money-saving product?

Steven Epstein presents Flip-It Caps on Shark Tank
Steven Epstein presents Flip-It Caps on Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

On the next episode of Shark Tank, Steven Epstein will share his invention, the Flip-It Cap, which helps you to get every last drop of product out of most bottles.

The idea is simple, as the caps make it possible for most standard sized bottles to sit upside down, allowing gravity to pull the product into the bottle’s neck, making sure that every last drop is easy to get out.

As stated on the Flip-It Cap website, each kit comes with a dispensing stand plus small, medium and large adapters to fit just about any size bottle.

The caps can be used on both food and household products, making it easy to use up all the condiments in a bottle or even to squeeze out every last bit of your favorite shampoo.

According to the website, as much as 25 percent of a product is wasted simply because it’s so hard to get everything out of a conventional, upright bottle.

The design of the Flip-It Cap makes it possible to get everything out, even thick liquids like honey and hair conditioner, helping consumers save money by using up everything and not throwing unused products away.

Making the Flip-It Cap even cooler is the design, which will make the cap (and the bottle on top of it) wobbly if the valve isn’t shut all the way. That helps to prevent leakage and spills, further preventing wasted product.

Flip-It Caps can be purchased from the website in a number of quantities from just one pack for $5.99 to a super deluxe 6-pack, which runs $29.99.

There’s even a pack of eight individually packaged caps for those who want to give them away as gifts. It runs $34.95.

Now it’s up to Epstein to convince the judges that the Flip-It Cap is so revolutionary that they have to invest.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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