Firefly Lane: Cast, release date, and trailer

Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke in Firefly Lane
Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke in Firefly Lane. Pic credit: Netflix

Make sure you have your tissues on hand. Netflix’s Firefly Lane is going to be a tearjerker but in the best way possible. 

Premiering on February 3 is Firefly Lane, a 10-episode series about female friendship that’s set to the raspy soundtrack of Fleetwood Mac’s soft-rock song Go Your Own Way.

What is Firefly Lane? 

Coming out just in time before Valentine’s Day, Firefly Lane is going to be an exploration of love and friendship. It’s expected to be a classic ode to the “found family” trope. 

Based on a novel with the same name, the show is a warmhearted tale created by Maggie Friedman, previous creator of Eastwick and Witches of East End. She has also written ten episodes of the American classic Dawson’s Creek.

It’s safe to say that Friedman is skilled in the melancholic drama arena. 

Netflix’s synopsis of the show: “Tully and Kate meet as young girls on Firefly Lane and become inseparable best friends through 30 years of ups and downs.”

Teased in the Firefly Lane trailer, over the eons of time that the two women have spent together they have grown codependent and can comfortably rely on one another. However, things aren’t all sunshine and roses for the two.

Tully and Kate are seen hashing out over men, the expectations they have set for each other, and conversations about privilege.

But these problems are expected to have a solution (or at least a bittersweet ending) as the narrator in the trailer gently says, “The music might have changed with the decades, but the promises made on Firefly Lane remained.”

Critic Inkoo Kang from The Hollywood Reporter wrote in their review, “Firefly Lane jumps between the ’70s, ’80s and 2003 — when Tully and Kate are, respectively, eighth-graders, college grads at their first jobs at a local TV station and women on the verge of middle age and its complications.” 

Given that information, assumingly the series is going to span through the coming-of-age genre as well as the adult drama genre— possibly containing the best elements of both; the learning of essential life lessons combined with a mature tone and atmosphere. 

Who is in Firefly Lane? 

Leading the series as Tully and Kate are Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke.

Heigl is best known for her roles in Suits, Grey’s Anatomy, and Rosewell. As well as many romantic comedies, leading in Life As We Know It and New Year’s Eve. 

Her character Tully is shown to be a rather successful journalist, however properly messy. In the trailer, she crashes through the glass table in her office after standing on top of it for an extended amount of time, and during a montage of her fighting with her aforementioned best friend, she unleashes her anger onto a vanity mirror. 

Sarah Chalke is the other leading lady. Chalke is well-known for her role as Elliot in the television sitcom Scrubs. She also lends her voice to the character Beth in the adult animation series Rick and Morty, and she played Becky Conner in Roseanne.

Chalke’s character Kate appears to be the opposite of Tully, she has a simple life and a family. She’s less-than-happy with her career and romantic life. In the trailer, she is seen dressing in casual outfits and thirsting over “the man who writes her paychecks.” 

Also starring in Firefly Lane: Ben Lawson (13 Reasons Why), Beau Garrett (The Good Doctor), Patrick Sabongui (The Flash), Jon Ecker (Queen of the South), and Yael Yurman (Once Upon A Time).

Firefly Lane is streaming on Netflix.

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