Fear the Walking Dead: Who poisoned Victor Strand?

Colman Domingo stars as Victor Strand, as seen in Episode 7 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead Season 7
Colman Domingo stars as Victor Strand, as seen in Episode 7 of Fear the Walking Dead Season 7. Pic credit: AMC/ Lauren “Lo” Smith

As the new villain in Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead, Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) has made no new friends and has burned most of the bridges between his old acquaintances.

So, it came as no surprise to many that he was poisoned in Episode 7.

But, who was responsible for the poisoning and why?

Victor Strand is poisoned with Methylene Blue

Episode 7 of Fear the Walking Dead saw Morgan Jones (Lennie James) make a desperate plea to Victor in order to have his baby seen by June (Jenna Elfman). While Victor didn’t want him to set foot inside his compound, he did eventually relent, and Baby Mo (Avaya Jeniel) was allowed inside The Tower, along with Morgan.

While there, Victor and Morgan shared a drink before they came under attack by a new group called the Stalkers. In the middle of all this, Victor suddenly became unwell, and he was convinced that he had been poisoned.

June later confirmed this after the discovery that Victor was vomiting a blue substance. This was identified by June as being Methylene Blue, a substance that can be used medicinally in small doses but is toxic if overdosed.

Here’s who poisoned Strand

At first, it was unclear who had poisoned Strand, but, realistically, it could have been anyone as the character was showing a lot of unhinged behavior in the episode leading up to being poisoned.

Considering he had already rejected a portrait that was painted of him, some viewers wondered if maybe the artist had been the one to poison him. Considering the episode was also titled “The Portrait,” it could indicate that the poisoning somehow centered around this.

However, in the end, it was revealed that Morgan was the one to have poisoned Victor and he did it by sneaking the Methylene Blue into Victor’s drink. Victor discovers this when he notices a blue stain on Morgan’s hand.

Morgan is usually the moral compass in Fear the Walking Dead and it is for this reason that Victor currently opposes him so much. However, to have Morgan try to poison Victor turns everything on its head.

Fear’s co-showrunner, Andrew Chambliss, explained Morgan’s motivation regarding him poisoning Strand in Episode 7.

“Morgan in a very desperate place,” Chambliss said, according to Comic Book.

“But as long as he is centered and in his right mind, he really does adhere to moral principles. But this episode sees him take a big step because he tries to take Strand’s life when one could argue there are other ways to navigate that situation.”

Now that Morgan has done this, it will be interesting to see how his decision will affect those around him in the midseason finale of Fear, which airs next Sunday night.

Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead is currently airing every Sunday night on AMC.

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