Fear the Walking Dead: PADRE is finally exposed

PADRE is a top-secret government organization in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead
PADRE is a top-secret government organization in Fear the Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

The Season 7 finale of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead saw the final reveal of what exactly PADRE is. Leading up to this point, there had been plenty of theories, though.

However, baby snatchers were probably not on anyone’s list, even if some had already guessed that Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) was a member.

Although, the secretive group did have a good (to them) reason as to why they were doing this.

What is PADRE?

Way back at the very start of Season 7, PADRE was already being mentioned. However, at that point in time, viewers were left unsure if it was a place or a person.

Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) had been on the search for what turned out to be a top-secret government location, after discovering information about it in the bunker where Teddy (John Glover) had stashed her before he attempted to detonate a bunch of nuclear warheads.

The plan was to find the location and get everyone there as it was believed to be a safe haven.

It seemed PADRE was an elusive dream and, toward the end of Season 7, the plot had shifted to trying to overthrow Victor’s (Colman Domingo) rule in the Tower.

However, the group came to light again in the Season 7 finale when it was revealed that Madison was a member of PADRE.

The group was stealing babies and children away from their parents in an attempt to create a new world that wasn’t based on emotional ties.

Now, Morgan (Lennie James) and Madison are on a mission to change PADRE’s mind about this plan — as well as get back Baby Mo (Avaya) and likely get the group to accept their members as well.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones and Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, as seen in Episode 16 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead Season 7
Lennie James as Morgan Jones and Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, as seen in Episode 16 of Fear the Walking Dead Season 7. Pic credit: AMC/Lauren “Lo” Smith

What will happen with PADRE in Season 8?

As yet, there has been little information regarding what will happen in Season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead. Although, the show’s co-showrunner, Ian Goldberg, has already confirmed the PADRE storyline will continue, according to Comic Book.

AMC has already confirmed the TV series has been renewed and that Madison will feature in it. Goldberg also confirms that PADRE will bring “many more surprises” when the show returns.

It seems likely that Madison and Morgan will also find the location of PADRE as they were seen heading off across the water to a ship out in the ocean.

This is probably a base, at least, for the group. However, it is likely not the main location and viewers will have to tune into Season 8 in order to find out more.

Currently, no premiere date has been announced for the next season but filming is expected to get underway this month.

As yet, no release date has been announced for Season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead.

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MN Doe
MN Doe
1 year ago

Fear of the Walking Dead has to be the only thriller that has kept my interest. I will continue to watch as looooong as it’s on! Loved when Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) Returned!! Morgan is a friend everyone needs!