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Fear the Walking Dead: Lennie James discusses possibility of Morgan meeting up with Rick in Season 6 finale

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Lennie James as Morgan Jones, as seen in Episode 14 of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 8
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Lennie James as Morgan Jones, as seen in Episode 14 of The Walking Dead Season 8. Pic credit: AMC/Gene Page

The Season 6 finale of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead is looming. Already, things look grim as a nuclear warhead released by Teddy (John Glover) and Riley (Nick Stahl) to land strike in the US.

Many fans have been optimistic about how the characters might escape the nuclear blast.

One theory involves the mysterious Civic Republic Military (also known as the CRM group) swooping in and rescuing at least some people fleeing for their lives.

When given the opportunity to speak to Lennie James, who portrays Morgan Jones in Fear the Walking Dead, Comic Book asked the actor directly about this possibility.

Could the CRM save the day in the Season 6 finale?

“I couldn’t possibly answer that question,” James said when asked if the CRM could save the day.

“It sounds nice, though. I’d quite like to see that [in that] episode, but I couldn’t possibly comment on that.”

The CRM featured throughout previous episodes of Fear the Walking Dead, so the suggestion they could show up in the Season 6 finale is not a stretch of the imagination.

Currently, Althea (Maggie Grace) is tracking down Isabelle (Sydney Lemmon) after finding maps of the Civic Republic Military bases in the hands of Teddy’s group. It certainly seems plausible Althea could find Isabelle and convince her group to help when Fear the Walking Dead returns.

“What I can say is that there’s one more episode to go in this season, and anything can happen in that episode, as we’ve shown throughout this season,” the actor added cryptically.

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Lennie James stars as Morgan Jones in FTWD.
Lennie James stars as Morgan Jones, as seen in Episode 15 of Fear the Walking Dead Season 6. Pic credit: AMC/Ryan Green

If the CRM arrives, will Morgan finally meet up with Rick Grimes?

Fans of AMC’s original TV series, The Walking Dead, knows about the CRM. In fact, the CRM rescued Morgan’s friend, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) from certain death in Season 9.

So, if the CRM saves Morgan and other members of his group in the Season 6 finale of Fear the Walking Dead, Morgan could learn of Rick’s fate at some point — possibly even meeting up with him in person.

The Walking Dead’s chief content officer, Scott Gimple, hinted at familiar faces turning up in another spinoff series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond thanks to the CRM. It is entirely possible Rick will, at least, get a mention in Fear should the same group appear and interact with other characters.

However, as yet, viewers will have to wait until the Season 6 finale of Fear airs on Sunday night in order to find out more.

The Season 6 finale of Fear the Walking Dead airs this Sunday night at 9/8c on AMC.

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