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Fear the Walking Dead cast news, release date projections

FTWD Season 5
Colby Hollman as Wes and Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark on Fear the Walking Dead Season 5. Pic credit: Van Redin/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 has already been approved by AMC and it will air in 2020. This means three different TWD series will be on AMC at some point during the calendar year.

There is still a long wait until the new episodes are revealed, which should give fans plenty of time to re-watch or get caught up on the 16 episodes from Season 5. It was a good one, with some big cliffhangers that have to be addressed.

Fear the Walking Dead cast news

A Deadline report relayed the news that Mo Collins and Colby Hollman are going to become series regulars. They get a promotion within the FTWD cast and are going to be seen much more during Season 6.

Collins plays Sarah Rabinowitz on the show and Hollman plays Wes. The character of Sarah has already appeared in 15 episodes as a supporting character, but now she becomes a full-time player. As for Wes, he just joined the show in Season 5B but survived to tell the tale.

In case the names or faces aren’t entirely familiar, the Twitter post shared below is a good reference point for them.

It was also revealed that actress Zoe Colletti is joining the FTWD cast. Colletti is just 18 years old, but she already has a number of acting credits to her name. That includes playing Benedetta Rohr on the new show, City on a Hill. Colletti has also been in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, in the remake of Annie, and on the TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Colby Minifie is also going to be back after debuting as Virginia during Season 5B. That’s not good news for a lot of the other main characters.

Fear the Walking Dead release date projections

AMC hasn’t made any official statements about when the Fear the Walking Dead return date will take place, but we have past seasons to look at for a projection.

Season 2 and Season 4 debuted in April, whereas Season 3 and Season 5 debuted in June. While not exactly a specific projection, it’s safe to assume that episodes will debut in spring 2020. That’s when we find out Morgan’s fate.

Fear the Walking Dead returns in 2020 for new episodes on AMC.

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