FBI Tuesdays preview: Julian McMahon bids farewell to the franchise

Julian McMahon
Jess (Julian McMahon) bids goodbye on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

This week marks the end of an era for FBI Tuesdays.

While FBI has OA in the middle of a personal quandary and FBI: International goes on an international manhunt, the focus is on FBI: Most Wanted and how Julian McMahon exits the series. 

This will lead to some intriguing developments as the series continues. 

FBI Tuesdays returning this week

After making a return on February 22 following the Winter Olympic Games, the FBI shows were forced to take March 1 off. That was due to network coverage of President Joe Biden’s first State of the Union address. 

Now, the shows are returning with intriguing developments for all of them. The latest FBI had OA put in the middle of a case where a Muslim superior wanted him to keep quiet about using extortion to get information from a mosque leader. 

While OA backed up that story, he felt guilt over it and questioned his place in the FBI. 

Meanwhile, FBI: International had Forrester briefly tempted to trap his fugitive mother (Elizabeth Mitchell) but ended up letting her go. Yet he’s unsure if he can truly trust his mom. 

The bigger focus is FBI: Most Wanted as Julian McMahon will be leaving the series after this episode. When last seen, Jess was enjoying wooing girlfriend Sarah with no hints of danger coming his way. 

That exit will anchor a night of action when the series returns this Tuesday.

What’s coming up on FBI Tuesdays this week?

The night begins with FBI as Ambition has the team tangling with an extremist group. Meanwhile, OA is tempted by a new job to keep quiet about the truth regarding supervisor Bashar. 

“The team rushes to investigate an extremist gun group after an anti-gun lobbyist building is bombed, with the promise of others to follow. Also, SAC Bashar dangles a possible promotion for OA, but only if he can persuade Tiffany to not report an incident she viewed as misconduct.”

The promo promotes the action of the team tangling with the group, with Wallace taking up the point. Yet the drama of her being caught in the middle of the OA-Bashar conflict may be the true dramatic point of the episode.

There’s no promo for FBI: International but the synopsis for Snakes indicates a manhunt combined with some drama on Kellett and Forrester.

“When a couple flees to Albania while awaiting sentencing for bilking millions in COVID relief funds from the U.S. government, the Fly Team and Jaeger must contend with the wife’s menacing crime family as they try to track the duo down. Also, Kellett works the case from Budapest as she and Forrester try to regain their professional boundaries.”

Forrester and Kellett have tried to remain professional since their breakup, yet it’s a challenge. Kellett knows Forester has been in contact with his mother and is concerned for his mindset as they have to tackle some dangerous fugitives. 

Surprisingly, there’s no promo for FBI: Most Wanted as CBS may want to avoid spoiling just how Jess exits the series. The title, Shattered, does sound foreboding. 

“The team pursues an abusive man on the war path to find his ex-girlfriend, who is trying to escape him for good. Also, Jess and Sarah make plans to take their dream vacation together.”

There’s naturally worry about Jess getting a happy ending or suffering a dark fate. The team will have to be without him until Dylan McDermott joins in April. 

With Julian McMahon’s exit as the focus of the night, FBI Tuesdays is ready to make up for the lost week. 

FBI Tuesdays begins with FBI Season 4 at 8/7c on CBS.

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1 year ago

Will not watch FBI Most Wanted Julian made the great and entertaining I will miss watching him.