FBI stars show some off hilarious TikTok videos

John Boyd
John Boyd as Special Agent Stuart Scola on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

The FBI family can now be seen on TikTok.

After already having successful threads on Twitter and Instagram, the hit CBS franchise has expanded to include the popular social media platform.

The first video had the key cast members of Zeeko Zaki, John Boyd, and Shantel VanSanten doing a fun comedy bit of swapping into their main roles. 

Boyd, who plays Special Agent Stuart Scola, has been sharing his own videos, including one where co-star Jeremy Sisto mocks him for his work. 

Another Boyd video shows the extreme heat the FBI cast and crew have had to deal with filming on location in Los Angeles this summer.

Combined, these videos let the show have a presence on a new platform while also cutting loose with some fun. 

FBI on TikTok videos are growing

With TikTok gaining more popularity every day, it’s little wonder FBI would start to use it. 

While they post on Twitter and Instagram, the show’s producers use TikTok for a little more fun.

Fittingly, the introductory video was a funny one set to music showing Zeeko Zaki (OA), John Boyd (Stuart Scola), and Shantel VanSanten (Nina Chase) in “street clothes,” heading behind doors.

Then, like Clark Kent changing into Superman, they open the doors to show themselves in their FBI character outfits.


Kicking my way onto your algorithm like… looks like you’ve entered #TheFBIs side of TikTok. #FBICBS #tvshow

♬ original sound – TheFBIsCBS

It’s accompanied by celebrating the show’s Tiktok presence and the fun to be had.

So far, the feed is small, but other videos include an FBI: International episode of the Fly Team debating the merits of social media while on a manhunt.


We’ve all got that one friend — it’s me, I’m that friend. ? #fbicbs #cbs #datingstorytime #singlelife

♬ original sound – TheFBIsCBS

Another is a short music video for OA that pays a nice tribute to the character.


No, you don’t understand. I’m obsessed with ZiBell. #FBICBS

♬ original sound – TheFBIsCBS

John Boyd’s funny FBI videos

While the main channel shows a few videos, John Boyd has added some more funny ones.

One shows Boyd with a pack of actors playing a tactical team, filmed in Los Angeles when the heat index reached 103 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Boyd seems in good spirits even as another actor moans, “We’re all going to die.”

Another has Boyd filming himself on the FBI set with Jeremy Sisto doing some light mockery of his TikTok skills. 

With the Season 5 premiere set for September 20, there is still no word on whether the Season 4 finale will be airing. That episode, involving a school shooting, was pulled hours before air time after the Uvalde, Texas tragedy. 

However, with a new presence on TikTok, FBI is ready to expand its social media standing with fans and have a little more fun behind the scenes.

FBI Season 5 premieres Tuesday, September 20, at 8/7c on CBS.

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