FBI spoilers: OA’s new love interest may not be the catch he thinks she is

Zeeko Zaki on FBI.
We’re worried about OA. Pic credit: Bennett Raglin/CBS

A month ago, we were anxiously anticipating the premiere of FBI Season 6 and many other CBS dramas.

Now, we’re three episodes into the latest season of the Dick Wolf series.

We’ve had a shocking death that propelled the story forward, Scola (John Boyd) struggling to navigate being a father with his high-stakes job, and his girlfriend, Nina (Shantel VanSanten), moving over to FBI: Most Wanted.

Where does the hit series go next?

Thankfully, details for FBI Season 6, Episode 3, airing Tuesday, February 27, have been revealed, and we’re starting to worry about OA (Zeeko Zaki).

According to the latest press release from CBS, OA is “smitten with his new love interest.”

Is OA in trouble?

Because there’s always a caveat when one of our beloved characters gets into a relationship with a character we don’t know, the network is already teasing trouble in paradise.

OA is “concerned that she’s mixed up with the wrong crowd.”

Monsters and Critics can reveal that Comfort Clifton will play Gemma Brooks.

OA hasn’t been the luckiest in love throughout his time on the show, but something tells us that his new girlfriend will be worlds away from his last.

Nothing is ever plain sailing for anyone on the Dick Wolf shows, but it’d be boring if it were.

The tension and drama come from the characters’ scenarios; somehow, OA is always caught up in something.

Maggie’s life is on the line in the teaser for the episode

In the official teaser for the upcoming episode, there’s nothing about his new love interest but plenty about how he’s tied to the latest case of the week.

The episode picks up with a club owner found dead, propelling the team into a deadly mission to find the motive behind the murder of a seemingly innocent man.

Will they uncover secrets about the man that changes their initial perception of him?


The hour promises to be high-stakes because we see OA bundled into the trunk of a car and Maggie (Missy Peregrym) jumping on the hood to avoid being knocked down and ensure her teammate makes it to safety.

Could we really lose another team member this soon after Hobbs?

Of course, everyone is still reeling from Hobbs’ (Roshawn Franklin) demise on the season premiere after a mission went wrong.

We doubt the show would kill off another character this soon, but given that the rest of the team arrives at the scene of what seems to be a crash and calls for an ambulance, anything is possible.

Maggie has had several brushes with death across six seasons, so we’re sure she’ll be well enough to take down the villains for another day by the end of the episode.

An FBI hiatus is on the way

This episode will be the last before a mini hiatus because The FBIs are taking a breather on Tuesday, March 5.

A decision for that has not been revealed, but there’s a good chance it’s necessary because production is still very much underway.

FBI continues Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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Marie Chan
Marie Chan
1 month ago

I never miss all the FBI shows, Love the show and the actors,
One of my favorites.