FBI Season 6 premiere spoilers: Can Scola balance fatherhood with his high-stakes job?

Agent Scola on FBI Season 5.
Scola’s life has changed forever. Pic credit: CBS/Bennett Raglin

After a lengthy hiatus, FBI is almost back on the air, and big changes are on the horizon for all characters.

Scola’s (John Boyd) world changed like never before when he became a father at the end of FBI Season 5 when Nina (Shantel VanSanten) gave birth. 

Looking ahead to FBI Season 6, Episode 1, it sounds like he’s trying to balance his work life and his duties as a father. 

Of course, he will be around more than usual since VanSanten has joined FBI: Most Wanted as a series regular. 

As we know from that show, the cases take the team nationwide, meaning that Scola has to find that balance faster than typical parents. 

We don’t know whether we’ll see Nina’s decision to join Most Wanted on-screen and what kind of conversations it started between the couple. 

Nina will have more to do on FBI: Most Wanted

The silver lining for fans is that Nina never really got enough to do on the main series, so joining Most Wanted as the new team member will give VanSanten the platform she deserves with such a great character. 

There’s also the added crossover potential, which should make for an easier transition when those pesky three-part crossovers get back underway. 

For the most part, the crossovers for the FBI universe feel like they’re taking place purely to bring these worlds together as a promotional event. 

We need more smaller-scale crossovers to appreciate all of these characters instead of bringing them together alongside a wealth of guest stars. 

A bus explosion rocks the team on the FBI season premiere

Elsewhere in FBI Season 6, Episode 1, a bus explosion kills several innocent people, putting the team on a collision course with a terrorist organization. 

This storyline could be what makes Scola realize that he needs to think about his plans for work while being a father because, when you think about it, both he and Nina are put in dangerous situations on a daily basis. 

Now that they have a newborn, their career perspective may have changed. We hope that’s a storyline that comes up on the show because seeing it from their perspective would be interesting. 

In addition to Boyd, the FBI Season 6 cast also includes Missy Peregrym (as Maggie Bell), Zeeko Zaki (Omar “OA” Zidan), Katherine Renee Turner (Tiffany Wallace), Alana De La Garza (Isobel Castille), and Jeremy Sisto (Jubal Valentine).

VanSanten is expected to appear in a guest-starring capacity, while the same is expected of Boyd on FBI: Most Wanted. 

FBI Season 6 premieres Tuesday, February 13, at 8/7c on CBS. 

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