FBI preview: A special Sunday episode could lead to an agent’s exit

Shantel VanSanten
Shantel VanSanten as Agent Nina Chase on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

FBI is having a special Sunday showing this week.

The hit CBS series will not air this coming Tuesday but will have a brand new episode airing on Sunday November 6. 

This one-time presentation will fill a gap needed by the odd schedule for Season 5 of the series. 

It’s also because CBS will not be airing regular programming on Tuesday, November 8, due to political coverage.

The episode promises a thrilling case that can also put the Scola-Nina relationship to a huge test. 

This promises a major storyline that will play out in future episodes and offer fans a special night for FBI action.

Why is FBI airing on Sunday this week?

FBI airing on Sunday, rather than Tuesday, can be a surprise, but it’s needed due to some unique scheduling.

Season 5 actually has an “extra” episode as Episode 3 was really the delayed Season 4 finale. That means the series has to fill up an hour to match the other FBI shows. 

All three FBI shows will not be airing on Tuesday, November 8, due to CBS covering the U.S. midterm elections.

Thus, CBS will have FBI airing on a special time Sunday following NFL football and 60 Minutes, at 8:30/7:30c.

It should be remembered that the airing may likely be delayed if the NFL games run long, so fans should keep an eye on CBS announcing the exact air time. 

It should be worth it for an intriguing hour that not only has a dangerous case but puts two agents in a romantic bind.

What is FBI’s Sunday episode about?

Titled Double Blind, the episode has the team investigating a boy being kidnapped. However, they begin to suspect the mother might know more than she seems.

“As the team works to rescue a 5-year-old kidnapping victim, Scola suspects the boy’s mother isn’t being forthcoming about why her son was targeted. Also, Nina struggles to open up to Scola about matters in their relationship.”

The promo promises some thrills, with the team realizing the mother has a secret life that can put her and her son in danger.

However, the Nina-Scola relationship may be put in jeopardy too. While Nina has fit in well with the team, she’s only been the fill-in while Maggie has been on sick leave.

Missy Peregrym will finally return in the November 15 episode. This leads to the question if Shantel VanSanten will remain on the show and what Nina’s fate will be. 

This episode could set the stage for Nina to be written out of the series and allow Maggie to return to the team full-time.

However it unfolds, this episode offers a major event for FBI fans to make a rare Sunday showing of the series a hot one. 

FBI Season 5 airs a special episode Sunday November 6 at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.

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