FBI: Most Wanted showrunner previews Julian McMahon’s last episode

Julian McMahon
Jess (Julian McMahon) leads a deadly manhunt on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

FBI: Most Wanted is ready to say goodbye to its leader.

Showrunner David Hudgins shared insight into what will happen on Julian McMahon’s final episode of the show this Tuesday and what fate might be in store for his Jess LaCroix.

It seems a fitting tribute to a character fans have come to know so well. 

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Jess and Julian McMahon are about to bid goodbye

Introduced in the “backdoor pilot” for FBI: Most Wanted in early 2019, Jess LaCroix has grown into a popular character leading the team hunting fugitives across the country.

Originally a withdrawn man following the death of his wife, Jess has slowly opened up as a father to daughter Tali (YaYa Gosselin) and mended fences with his long-estranged father (Terry O’Quinn).

In Season 2, Jess fell for horse trainer Sarah (Jan Landon), including protecting her from her abusive ex-husband. That culminated in the Season 2 finale with Jess shooting the man when he attacked the house. 

Jess has adjusted in Season 3 to Tali attending a private school and romancing Sarah. That’s why fans were shocked at the news Julian McMahon would be leaving the series to pursue other opportunities. 

Speaking to Deadline, FBI: Most Wanted showrunner David Hudgins discussed Jess’ journey and what to expect from his exit. 

“He’s not the same Jess we meet in the first season. His arc last year was about basically putting himself out there and opening himself up to meeting somebody. And how could he do that with all of the emotional baggage and damage he has from the death of his wife—but I think he got there last year. And I think this year, it’s been about him deepening his relationship with Sarah and realizing that he’s not empty nested because he has her. I love that part.”

Hudgins expressed no bad feelings about McMahon’s departure as “he was amazing. I wish him all the best. And he was fantastic on the show. That’s the bittersweetness of his departure because he was just so good in the part.”

The key question for fans is just how Jess will depart the series and what becomes of the team.

What happens to Jess on FBI: Most Wanted?

Julian McMahon
Jess (Julian McMahon) bids goodbye on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

The synopsis for this week’s episode, Shattered, indicates the team will be hunting an abuser going after a former victim. Hudgins explained that it will impact Jess majorly.

“The episode is a combination of two things. It’s a very intense episode about domestic violence, which is something we’d always wanted to do because it’s such a huge problem in this country right now. It also ties in thematically with Jess’ experience with Sarah’s (Jan Landon) stalker Hugh. We felt like that was an interesting additional layer to the episode. And then on top of that, we’ve got Jess and Sarah in a very good place, talking about going on the first vacation that Sarah has ever seen Jess take.”

Hudgins is mum on what Jess’ final fate will be. He did share that after a couple of weeks, Dylan McDermott will join as the new team leader on the March 29 episode titled Decriminalized.

CBS put up a special message asking fans to share some favorite memories of Jess before the finale. 

While it will be sad for fans to see McMahon leaving, they are hopeful Jess’s final episode of FBI: Most Wanted does justice to the character and makes his exit meaningful.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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1 year ago

Really not keen on your choice of new leader. Didnt like him in SVU. Hope he plays a better job in this show.

1 year ago

He was my favorite character – probably won’t watch the show from now on. Eunice Marquis

1 year ago

Weird that they would kill the main character on one of our favorite shows! Best luck to Julian trying his new endeavors!!