FBI: Most Wanted recap: The new boss gets a trial by fire

FBI Most wanted
Remy Scott (Dylan McDermott) joins the FBI: Most Wanted Team in a new case. Pic credit: CBS

The new boss finally arrived and is already shaking up FBI: Most Wanted.

After Barnes took time off for her family, the team finally met their new leader, Remy Scott

His arrival made another wild case even more intriguing for the Fugitive Task Force. 

Meet the new boss…

In New York, Remy Scott (Dylan McDermott) pulled up to a deli to pick up an order from the owner, who was an old friend. He then went to a hotel where he said it was “good to be home.”

In Scarsdale, a young man (Mickey Roberts) pulled in front of a house where Lillie Jones (Rose Jackson-Smith) embraced him. He said he’d “already done my part” as she waited in the car while he entered the house with a knife to approach the couple in bed. 

Hana showed Ortiz and Gaines info on Remy’s background in Las Vegas and his rep as a straight shooter. Remy was listening in before introducing himself to the team, complete with bagels. 

He didn’t have enough time to banter as the team received a case of Matt and Kay Jones murdered with daughter Lillie presumed kidnapped. The Joneses were wealthy, so ransom was considered. Before they left, Remy popped some painkillers from a “late night.”

The team investigated the murder scene with Kay’s sister Martha (Nili Bassman) upset as she figured this was the work of Jeremy Hamm, a loner who was eager to be with Lillie. Matt and Kay had tried to stop the relationship as Jeremy had a record of petty theft.

Ortiz noted the evidence indicating Lillie had gone with and maybe even helped kill her own parents. They headed to the home of Jeremy’s mother to find she had been murdered a day earlier. 

At a motel, Jeremy seemed shaken while Lillie assured him “the worst part is over.” They were prepared to finally be together before a knock interrupted them. 

Remy was issuing orders while Hana and Gaines said Lillie had been a top student until a few months earlier. While the team discussed her family covering this up for appearances, they got word of a body found at the motel. Hana found it belonged to David Ryan, a local private investigator. 

A church or a cult?

Ryan’s partner, Rich Summers (John Viscardi), explained the Joneses had hired them to look into a rehab clinic called Intentions that Lillie was supposed to be treated at but she came out looking worse. He didn’t know who Jeremy was or why Lillie would hurt someone trying to help her and was distraught over his partner’s death. 

At Intentions, the managers, Ken (Karl Bury) and Barb Clymer (Sydney Morton) admitted Jeremy had been a patient turned orderly who had an affair with Lillie. Her parents blamed the clinic and pulled Lillie out, which only worsened her issues. 

Remy and Ortiz met Bob (Peter Hans Benson) and Pat Mitchell (Sue Cremin), from Covenant Church, who supported Jeremy’s rehab as part of an outreach program for addicts.

They were surprised to hear about him and Lillie and they prayed for him. Remy seemed oddly affected by the pair as he noted Jeremy “will have trouble at the Pearly Gates… but so will I.”

The next scene shows Lillie inside a home, worried about the murder. Pastor Bob entered to talk about Jeremy being a proud servant and “anointed.” Lillie realized too late she’d fallen into something serious as Bob locked them in. 

The team talked about the lack of leads, and Hana revealed Bob lied about not knowing Lillie as she attended his prayer meetings at the church. Remy and Gaines attended a Covenant meeting where Pat talked about wives submitting to their husbands. 

Pat seemed confused about Bob knowing Lillie to try and call him, but no answer. Remy and Gaines could tell the woman was spooked and something was wrong.

They noticed a woman from the group was watching them as they left. Confronting her, Scott noted she was wearing a wire as it turned out she was Mel Montridge (Simone Stadler) an agent from, of all things, the IRS. 

Mel told the team the IRS was investigating Covenant for hiding donation money for their own ends in fake businesses. It turned out the Clymers were among the high-end donors, while Hana discovered Intentions wasn’t testing their patients.

Hana also found a blog from Aurora Beam (Emerald Rose Sullivan) sharing her “treatment” at Intentions which included shock therapy and being raped by Mitchell. His “church” was a cult, but not even her parents believed her story. Scott assured Aurora he did. 

Scott realized Lillie wasn’t an accomplice but a pawn in a darker game. Arriving at the Mitchells’ home, they found Bob shot dead. 

A rescue and revelations

Remy suspected Pat as the killer, possibly out of anger for her husband’s actions or because she was the real mastermind of things. 

Sure enough, Pat was doing a sonogram on Lillie while ranting about men not understanding sacrifices. Lillie was shocked to discover she was pregnant, believing she was a virgin, and didn’t even remember what Bob had done. Pat claimed it was a “blessing.”

Pat Mitchell turned out to be Vivian Daniels, whose vitamin company had been a pyramid scheme. Ortiz’s aunt was one of its many victims. She ran, changed her name, met Bob, and used him to front a new scam that used Covenant’s followers for cash.

Word came of Ken shooting up Intentions as he believed Bob’s claims the world was ending and he was joining the “chosen few.” A wounded Barb found out Lillie was pregnant so she couldn’t be the “virgin bride,” but Ken didn’t believe it. 

Hana reported a huge amount of drugs had been stolen. The team realized they were dealing with fanatics and there would be a “grand wedding” for Lillie and Jeremy followed by a mass suicide. 

Scott deduced Pat had brainwashed these people into believing her grift and was now getting rid of them while she ran with the cash. They crashed the wedding, shocking the group by revealing Bob was dead and Lillie was pregnant. 

Scott told Ken he understood believing in something as he’d felt the same when his brother died. Ortiz reported Jeremy was shot dead as it finally dawned on the group they’d been used.

The team tracked Pat/Vivian to a motel, arrested her, and rescued Lillie. Pat wanted Lillie’s child for her own as she couldn’t have any herself. She tried to say she was just saving a child, but Scott broke down her fraud and her planning to flee the country. “Good luck in prison. Plenty of souls to save there.”

The gang hung out at a bar with Scott showing good skills at ax tossing. Raines asked about Scott’s brother as he explained Mike had gone missing on a college trip. The Miami FBI brought in a likely suspect, but there wasn’t enough to hold him.

A few hours later, the FBI found Mike’s body in the suspect’s tent. Scott believed his brother was murdered when the suspect panicked and had the local FBI done their job, he’d still be alive. He thus decided to join the FBI himself to make sure others didn’t know his pain. 

“Every bad guy I catch, I do it for him.” The team shared drinks as they realized their new boss was truly dedicated to this job.

It was an intriguing episode to introduce this new character as Remy already seems ready to fit in with the FBI: Most Wanted team.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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