FBI: Most Wanted: Keisha Castle-Hughes talks about Hana’s ordeal

Keisha Castle-Hughes
Keisha Castle-Hughes as Hana Gibson on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for the latest episode of FBI: Most Wanted.

Keisha Castle-Hughes is ready to delve into Hana’s pain on FBI: Most Wanted.

Following a harrowing hour where Hana endured a kidnapping and rescuing a child, the actress is opening up about what’s next for the computer tech. 

While Hana survived her experience, it was a powerful hour for her as she had to handle a dangerous situation. 

It also showed more of Hana’s backstory and the trauma that led her to join the FBI in the first place. 

The fallout of this will continue to affect Hana as she needs to overcome her pain and hopefully get aid from the rest of the team. 

That should make for some great drama in Season 4 that Castle-Hughes is ready for.

Hana and her brutal attack

In the latest episode of FBI: Most Wanted, while on her way to see her sister Casey, Hana met a girl named Ollie (Dalya Knapp) at a rest stop who showed signs of abuse.

Hana ended up kidnapped by Ollie’s father, Brad, who was selling his daughter off to pedophiles. Hana was held captive with Ollie at a billionaire’s mansion.

While the team raced to track her, Hana managed to escape with Ollie and a baby who’d been kidnapped as well. Brad was close to catching her when the team showed up and gunned him down. 

Hana had an emotional reunion with Casey while helping Ollie reconnect with her mother and overcome her ordeal.

While Hana seemed okay in the end, Castle-Hughes shared with TV Insider that it will be a long road to recovery for her. 

“We are going to see how she deals with it, and unsurprisingly, there is a lot of her not dealing with it, to begin with. There’s a lot of protocol — the agent would have to go to counseling and therapy and [have] a bunch of paperwork, and so we’re getting insight into those parts of the job we don’t often get to see. She is very much in avoidance and denial, to begin with, for sure. The hope is that over time, this is going to be something that is going to help her to open up more.”

Hana will open up to her teammates, including new member Ray Cannon (Edwin Hodge), who’s become her roommate. 

“Hana and Ray’s relationship is a really solid friendship that is developing. He’s a much more open person, his character’s really shiny and bright and bubbly, and he loves to talk a lot, and I think that is helping Hana [as is] them living together. We start to see her and him open up and develop this really cool friendship beyond the workplace.”

While Hana is looking forward, this storyline also played on her past. 

Hana’s past comes to light

Keisha Castle-Hughes
Keisha Castle-Hughes as Special Agent Hana Gibson on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

After their rescue, Hana bonded with Ollie by sharing her own backstory. She had been assaulted when she was younger and used her computer skills to get back at the guy. That led to her getting in trouble, but Jess stepped in and got Hana her job with the FBI. 

Praising Knapp’s work, Castle-Hughes stated that sharing her background wasn’t just important for Hana to help Ollie but to get through her own pain as well. 

“The journey between Hana and Ollie is a really intense one in that there’s a lot of stuff in real time that Hana is dealing with by trying to help Ollie as well. And so even though she’s speaking these stories out loud to Ollie and trying to give her strength, I think Hana’s saying the stuff just as much to herself. She’s kind of fallen into a career that now she’s been in for the better part of a decade and hasn’t had a lot of time to sit and reflect and think about those things. This, in a weird way, gave her an opportunity to really kind of look at how far she’s come and to take stock of how grateful she is for where she’s landed.”

Jess wasn’t the only one mentioned, as Hana also brought up former teammate/roommate Crosby when talking to Cannon. Castle-Hughes appreciated these callbacks as a reminder of how much these people meant to Hana. 

“I think it’s important sometimes to remember that these characters, outside of being agents, are real people who have real relationships. Crosby and Hana were very good friends, and I like to think probably still keep in touch and are still really good mates — and what Jess meant to Hana as well. So it’s nice when we get moments where we can kind of humanize them and touch on those things. And it’s nice for the audience to feel involved in that part of their world.”

While Hana’s journey back will be rough, Castle-Hughes is excited to show her character in a stronger light and take fans on a journey to recovery.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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