FBI: International showrunner clarifies how the Fly Team can use weapons

FBI International Fly Team
Heida Reed, Luke Kleintank, Vinessa Vidotto, and Carter Redwood as the Fly Team in the crossover premiere of FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

The FBI: International team will be armed this season…just not everywhere.

Showrunner Derek Haas clarified that, contrary to previous statements, the new team of the FBI franchise can be armed in certain countries, but it’ll be a complex process.

FBI: International going unarmed?

When FBI: International was announced by CBS in May, one of the key selling points was stating that, due to international laws, the “Fly Team” were not permitted to use firearms in foreign countries.

In reality, the FBI does have nearly a hundred special teams embedded across the world, often near military bases and other spots of key American interests. 

The team will debut on Tuesday, September 21, as the final story in a three-part crossover with FBI and FBI: Most Wanted. It will then move to its regular time slot between the two shows on September 28.

The team is led by Special Agent Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank) alongside Jamie Kellett (Heida Reed), Andre Raines (Carter Redwood), newbie agent Cameron Vo (Vinessa Vidotto), and Europol agent Katrin Jaeger (Christiane Paul), who is their liaison with other nations.

Based out of Hungary, the team will fly across Europe and beyond when American lives are threatened by either terrorists or major criminals. 

Yet while it sounded like the team would rely only on wits, it appears they’ll be using some firearms after all. 

The firearms issue on FBI: International is addressed

FBI: International cast in the woods
Tank the dog with the rest of the FBI: International team. Pic credit: CBS

Speaking to Cinemablend as part of a discussion on the One Chicago series, FBI: International writer/showrunner Derek Haas clarified the “no guns” rule. 

“Actually, FBI International agents are able to use guns in certain countries, but it can be an issue in others. This is something we write towards in the series.”

It should be noted that gun laws vary in different countries. For example, in the United Kingdom, even the police aren’t allowed to use firearms (outside of Northern Ireland), while Germany has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. 

While being federal agents allows the Fly Team more leeway, they are still bound by rules to not simply use firearms constantly. Part of Jaeger’s job is handling relations with local law enforcement that will no doubt confront this issue.

Luckily, the team will have something better than any armory: Tank, their German Schutzhund, and a highly trained attack dog. 

Speaking to the Television Critics Association, producer Dick Wolf hinted that the dog might end up being the scene-stealer for the show. 

“And we’re not doing a dog show, but I think the dog is going to become a big fan favorite. Because they can’t go – these guys are not supposed to go running around the street waving firearms, and in public Tank is the gun.”

Wolf’s words indicate that if they can’t use guns, the team will rely on Tank to hunt a suspect down and show some surprising strength in a fight.

So while FBI: International won’t have the thrilling gunfights fans see on the other two FBI series, the Fly Team will be more than able to handle their own in some thrilling action.

FBI: International premieres Tuesday, September 21 at 10/9c on CBS.

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2 years ago

It was great the 3 shows, FBI, Most wanted,International, finally went back to basics, no political agendas, BLM,woke.
Keep it up and we will be happy, we want entertainment, not agendas.
Truly way a great story line ,linking the 3 FBI.