FBI: International Season 3 finale confirms what happened to Scott Forrester

Luke Kleintank on FBI: International.
How did Scott Forrester’s story end? Pic credit: CBS

When Luke Kleintank exited FBI: International earlier this month, fans were left with one question:

What happened to Scott Forrester?

Despite the actor walking away from the show, Tuesday’s FBI: International Season 3 finale delved into his whereabouts as the Fly Team got an assist from Brian Lange to help find their former leader.

The gang decided to go to Russia to rescue Angela Cassidy from prison. If that name’s familiar, it’s the name of Forrester’s mother.

Thankfully, Vo realized before long that the person was definitely not his mother, leading to more questions than answers.

As the team tried to save her to get coveted answers, they were arrested in Norway because they had been warned about operating as agents.

Tess Reveals the Truth

In the aftermath, Tess told them she had formed a close bond with Angela.

Brian felt he could swing the justice system in the team’s favor if they handed over everything they knew about Angela.

In one of the most convenient reveals in TV history, Tess’ wrist was tattooed with the key to the file encryption that would reveal everything about Angela’s plan.

That deal allowed the team to escape authorities and discover what happened to their former leader.

Forrester was confirmed to have reunited with his mother and was on the run in Alaska.

Just as the gang was ready to let him go, they found footage of him and his mother on a traffic camera and contemplated turning it over to their bosses.

Could Luke Kleintank return as Scott Forrester?

Ultimately, they decided against it, allowing Forrester to disappear off the face of the earth… at least until Kleintank is ready to return to the show.

Instead of putting a pin in this storyline, it seems more like a pause to continue at some point down the line.

As far as FBI universe exits go, it was a decent way to explain Forrester’s exit from the team, given that Kleintank wasn’t interested in continuing with the show.

With no clear team leader, Colin Donnell could return as the permanent leader in FBI: International Season 4.

Teri Polo’s role probably won’t continue now that Tess has been used to help the team out of a sticky situation.

The Fly Team needs some new faces, and it will be interesting to see where things go next.

FBI: International airs Tuesdays at 9/8c. Stream full episodes on Paramount+.

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