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FBI International
Jaeger (Christiane Paul) and Raines (Carter Redwood) look over a crime scene on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

What’s more important, duty or the truth?

After a hot reunion following a tough case, Forrester and Kellett had to handle a major diplomatic visit to Budapest that involved some ugly secrets involving the U.S. government. 

Throw in Raines getting a family visit, and the episode titled The Kill List showed the world of grey FBI: International lives in. 

A ‘home’ assignment is deadly on FBI: International

On a bridge in Budapest, a man (Sam Donnelly) and a woman (Amanda Victoria Vilanova) were laughing when the man became shaky and wondered if he’d been drugged.

The woman tried to lead him off, but he grabbed his phone to warn his boss, the Attorney General. The woman replied, “I’ll give her the message,” before throwing him off the bridge. 

At the office, Vo was wrestling with the coffee machine as she related she and her barista boyfriend had broken up, and she was focusing on the job. She brought up that she “admired” how Forrester and Kellet were back to being partners. As Kellett agreed, Vo realized the pair had gotten into a “friends with benefits” relationship.

Raines entered to relate his sister was coming to Budapest, but they were interrupted by news of the victim, Ken Gregory, assistant to Attorney General Rebecca Blair (Barabara Eve Harris). The team was surprised the A.G. was making a last-minute visit to Budapest, which naturally meant a lot of security. 

Forrester was going to be busy handling the logistics of the sudden visit, so Kellett was taking the lead on this. Special Agent Kyle Harmon (Brandon Pardo) met the team to discuss him and Gregory being the advance team for Blair’s visits. He admitted he and Gregory had a night out, but both were professional protecting the A.G.

Vo got into Harmon’s face on having fun while on the job, causing him to snap back before Kellett settled it. Finally, Harmon related that Ken’s phone was missing, which might have information on the A.G.’s visit. 

Raines and Jaeger investigated the crime scene, thinking it’d be impossible to find any evidence. However, they realized the barges on the river had cameras, with one showing Gregory pushed off the bridge and realizing the woman had murdered him.

At that moment, Blair was already landing and refusing to leave for fear of making the U.S. look weaker. She was more focused on restoring goodwill for the U.S. than any dangers on her life. 

Blair met with several officials, both Jaeger and Kellett struck by how it was in major secrecy with no media. Meanwhile, Raines met his sister Jordan (Laila Drew) with her friends Grace (Natalie Colette Shinnick) and Ethan (Connor Price), apologizing for having to bail for the case but giving her a list of places to check out in Budapest.

Forrester led the A.G.’s security detail into the base, the unit chief Grimes (Jeremy Holm) brushing off his concerns on the schedule change. Vo and Harmon figured Gregory had been targeted to check out the hotel. 

A political game is afoot

Jaeger met her old friend Karoly (Atilla Arpa) at the prosecutor’s office about what was really going on. He finally admitted they had a suspected U.S. traitor in custody that was being extradited, but he had family in the area to complicate matters. However, he warned Jaeger there was nothing he could do because of the U.S. pressure.

Vo and Harmon talked to a waiter at the hotel about the woman, with Vo suggesting Cosgrove was having an affair, but Harmon brushed that off. The waiter related the woman was staying at a nearby Airbnb. 

The pair informed the team the woman had booked under a fake name connected to Mia Sahar, a former military contractor. She was linked to the prisoner and was trying to force the A.G. to back off. 

Karoly led them to the prisoner, John Mallory (Matt Kennard), a civilian operative who wasn’t a traitor but a whistleblower. Mallory revealed he’d come across evidence the government had accidentally given the Taliban a list of Afghanistan residents who’d aided the U.S. military, leading to retribution. 

Mallory refused to be part of a cover-up of the “kill list” being released, so he spoke out but was then arrested. He had nothing to do with Gregory’s death and even suggested Blair herself was behind it to bury him. 

Kellett touched base with Forrester, who was still buried in paperwork and logistics. She was thrown by how Blair was willing to frame Mallory as a Taliban operative and “are we sure we’re on the right side of this?” Forrester told her taking sides wasn’t part of their job, and it was better to avoid the politics. 

While Forrester admired Kellett’s principles, he warned her of making such a powerful enemy in Blair. Vo and Harmon tried to figure out a way Sahar could get at Blair, which soon turned into some playful banter.

Kellett met Blair on Mallory, trying to be calm about this. When she mentioned Mia’s name, Blair’s assistant Aimee (Melissa Neal) revealed Mia had sent threatening letters as her fiancee, an Afghan translator, had been killed by the Taliban. Kellett realized this had nothing to do with Mallory but with Mia wanting revenge. 

Trying to protect the truth

Forrester had it out with Grimes on the security before Kellett called to suggest they just try some stuff on their own. 

Blair’s motorcade rolled on as she asked Kellett about the case, with Kellett admitting she was wary over burying Mallory’s words. Blair defended herself that Mallory fled the country rather than accept telling the truth and publicizing the administration’s mistake would be bad for their allies.

One of the police motorcycles suddenly broke formation with the rider firing a gun at the limo. Vo and Harmon chased the rider they realized was Mia through the streets of Budapest only to lose her.

However, Forrester was on his own motorcycle to continue the chase. They eventually crashed inside a parking garage while Kellett checked on a lightly wounded Blair.

Mia was arrested as it turned out Gregory had told Mia everything about the list, but she got impatient waiting and killed him. Kellett told Mia she sympathized but what she was doing wasn’t justice. Mia snapped that her fiancee had done so much only to be abandoned and killed, and she was going to be locked away with the truth. 

As the agents piled out, a relieved Raines wondered if this was what police in other countries felt when the Fly Team left. The coverup was already underway, with Mia made out as a “disgruntled loner” striking out. 

While most of the agents left, Harmon and Vo talked paperwork before Vo suggested they get drinks. As the two pulled away, a mysterious man watched them go. 

Raines met Jordan at the train station to apologize for the lost time with her. They shared a hug before she left to join her friends heading to Belgrade.

Kellett saw Blair off at the airport with the A.G. saying she deeply respected Kellett despite their differences and offered help in the future. They parted ways even as Kellett mused on the complex case.

While the case seemed straightforward, it was clear that Kellett’s doubts about who was right and wrong may affect her for a while.

FBI: International airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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