FBI International adds two more to its growing cast

FBI international stars
Christiane Paul and Carter Redwood join FBI International. Pic credit: Starz/Saban Films

The FBI International cast continues to expand. 

Christiane Paul and Carter Redwood have now joined the second spin-off of the CBS’ hit show. With shooting expected to begin in Hungary later this month, the series is ready to expand the franchise overseas.

The global FBI grows

While FBI is set in New York and Most Wanted has the team crossing the country, International will, as the title indicates, focus on a team that handles crimes involving Americans abroad.

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The setup sounds reminiscent of the short-lived Criminal Minds spin-off Beyond Borders. One of the announced plot points will be that these agents cannot carry firearms abroad because of international law and thus need to rely on their wits.

The spin-off was ordered straight to series by CBS in May and will be part of the new Tuesday lineup this fall. 

In early June, the three leads for the series were announced. Luke Kleintank, Heida Reed, and Vinessa Vidotto will star while their characters are still unknown.

Two more names now join them with more international recognition than U.S. audiences.

Who are the new cast members?

Christiane Paul
Christiane Paul in the German thriller Parliament. Pic credit: Artemis Productions

Christiane Paul began her career in Germany as a teen model. While having no formal acting training, she studied medicine before becoming a popular actress in Germany.

Her film credits include the disaster film The Wave and Marlene. She’s also well known to German TV viewers, winning an International Emmy Award for the political thriller Under the Radar.

Paul’s best-known role is in the Starz sci-fi series Counterpart. She portrayed a villainous figure caught in a “cold war” between alternate Earths. 

Redwood starred in the National Geographic military drama The Long Road Home and the short-lived NBC musical drama Rise. He’s also appeared in Blue Bloods, and Orange Is the New Black.  He’s also set to star in HBO’s upcoming mini-series on the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers. 

While their characters are still unnamed, it’s reported Paul will play an Interpol agent and Redwood a member of the FBI Fly Team. 

The decision to cast mostly unknowns for this spin-off indicates CBS wants a cast free of more familiar faces, so audiences identify with the characters better. Placing an actor familiar to European audiences such as Paul will help gain international viewers.

With filming set to begin in Hungary as soon as next week, the International team is ready to take the FBI franchise to brand new global heights.

FBI International premieres Tuesday, September 21 at 10/9c on CBS.

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