Faysal Shafaat on Big Brother 20: Former NFL hopeful is big Taylor Swift fan

Faysal Shafaat
Faysal Shafaat tells Ross Mathews that he’s going to miss his dog during the Big Brother 20 cast interview

Faysal Shafaat might be the most athletic of the Big Brother 20 cast and that’s saying a lot because many of them are in great shape. Faysal, a teacher from Orlando, Florida, is a former NFL hopeful who played tight end in college.

Athleticism can take you far but there have been questions already asked about whether or not Faysal is a Big Brother fan. When asked about his favorite player, he cited Victor Arroyo from Season 18 like another of his cast mates.

With so many references to Derrick, Victor, and Paul as Big Brother 20 cast favorites, we can’t help but wonder if the new BB20 competitors were given the last three seasons of the show to binge watch while sequestered. Clearly, there are way better players that could help them with their own gameplay from much earlier seasons.

Another thing Faysal Shafaat has in common with most of the Big Brother 20 cast is that he is single. Is this the year for showmances? It very well could be.

Faysal Shafaat on Big Brother 20
Faysal Shafaat in his official Big Brother 20 cast photo

Faysal is a huge fan of his dog, a blue-nose pit, whom he treats “like a child”. While revealing his secrets, Faysal also let it be known that he’s a huge Taylor Swift fan and likes to listen to her music while he works out. Maybe Taylor will cheer him on through the season.

Faysal plans on using his social game to make sure the Big Brother 20 housemates love him and says he will start showing them his physical side later on. Considering that he looks like he is very athletic and strong, that may not be something he can just hide. We’ll see how it all plays out.

Big Brother 20 premieres on Wednesday, June 27 at 8 p.m. on CBS. 

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