Fathers and their cars as Richard and Kyle Petty join Jay Leno’s Garage

1970 Plymouth Superbirds now go for huge prices
Kyle and Richard Petty chat to Jay

This week Jay Leno’s Garage pays tribute to fathers and the cars that they drive, including an interview with racing legends Richard Petty and his son Kyle Petty.

Richard ‘The King’ Petty needs no introduction, having won the NASCAR Championship seven times. His son Kyle is a stock car racing driving legend and competed in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Kyle’s own son was also a budding race driver but tragically died in a racing accident.

1970 Plymouth Superbirds now go for huge prices
1970 Plymouth Superbirds now go for huge prices

So the theme of the show is sure close to the heart of both men as they chat to Jay about the cars they’ve driven and crashed. Including the 1970 Plymouth Superbird, one of which will set you back over $750,000.

Also on this episode, some tractor pulling and a woman who brought a Mustang and a plane back to life with the help of her dad.

Plus a very cool collection of Shelbys going round the track together, not something you see very often.

Jay Leno’s Garage airs on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM on CNBC.

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