Fast N’ Loud vs. Street Outlaws Mega Race: Who will win?

The contenders in the Fast N' Loud Vs. Street Outlaws Mega Race
The contenders in the Fast N’ Loud vs. Street Outlaws Mega Race. But who will be victorious?

With the Fast N’ Loud vs. Street Outlaws Mega Race almost here, the suspense is killing us! We’ve taken a look at the teams and the cars, and have taken a stab at who will win.

Some people think this will be a real test of Richard Rawlings’ skill — but you could argue he’s just throwing a heap of cash into this and bringing in the guys from Laughlin Motorsport.

Big Chief feels this is not going to end up being the race he agreed to. But if he goes down, you know he won’t go down without a fight!

So can Richard (and Gas Monkey pro driver Alex Laughlin) beat Big Chief and Murder Nova in the drag race? Richard might have deep pockets but he’s not used to building drag cars.

Will Aaron Kaufman’s creation beat Farmtruck and AZN in the skills challenge? Let’s see what all these guys are bringing to the party.

So Richard and his team have taken a new Challenger and put the body on to a pro-mod chassis, whereas Big Chief and his team have built their car using a Pontiac engine, Rossler transmission and Mark Williams rear end rated at 3500hp.

Our feeling is that Big Chief’s experience (especially when it comes to tuning) will give him the edge over Richard, even taking into account the fact that Alex is doing the driving for Richard.

Gas Monkey Garage and Street Outlaws gearing up for their drag race. Pic: Discovery

Aaron’s car is — an LS-swapped E36 BMW M3. Sounds awesome! He’s up against Farmtruck and AZN’s mean-looking V8 Firebird.

Aaron’s built some incredible cars, but Farmtruck’s in his element here so we reckon it’s going to be close. We think the BMW’s agility will give Aaron enough of an advantage.

There’s a big bet between Richard and Big Chief, and a lot of needle between Aaron and Farmtruck.

Nobody wants to lose face, so everyone is going balls out to win. Place your bets!

Check out Gas Monkey’s setback and take a peek at Farmtruck and AZN’s car in the clips below.

The Fast N’ Loud vs. Street Outlaws Mega Race airs Monday at 9/8c on Discovery.

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