Farley, a beached boat and killer crocs all cause problems on Legend of Croc Gold

Legend of Croc Gold
Croc Jim’s simple but cunning crocodile trap on Legend of Croc Gold

This week on the Legend of Croc Gold – tensions remains high in the team as equipment failures and the deadly crocs cause problems.

Farley is not really a man to sit back and ponder things too long, he likes to take action. In this case his decision has caused tension in the team and it could undermine morale, all important in this stressful environment.

Also on this episode, the mission is threatened by mechanical failures as the harsh conditions put both man and machine to the test.

The deadly crocs continue to be a major obstacle and a beached boat does not help matters!

Catch Legend of Croc Gold – Man Down at 10 PM on Discovery. 

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