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Family fled urban crime to start new life in desert but coyotes and cows nearly killed their dream

Michaela Crownover on Homestead Rescue
Michaela Crownover recalls witnessing gun violence in Phoenix on this week’s Homestead Rescue

On this week’s episode of Homestead Rescue on Discovery, meet the Crownover family — who decided enough was enough with urban crime in Phoenix and used their life savings of $98,000 to purchase 40 acres in the arid Arizona desert.

The family of four decided to up sticks after daughter Michaela Crownover nearly got caught up in random gunfire in the city. Once settled in their new desert oasis they outfitted it with solar power and a water well and stocked it with goats, chickens, and pigs.

The Crownover family
The Crownover family together at their homestead in the Arizona desert

But despite parents Paul and Danielle’s education and street smarts, they need help to make their fledgling homestead self-sufficient.

After moving to the desert they suffered setbacks from livestock-eating coyotes and marauding cattle vandalizing their farm and creating havoc by breaking down fencing and eating animal feed not intended for them.

On tonight’s Homestead Rescue, expert homesteader Marty Raney — along with his daughter Misty and son Matt — arrive in Arizona to help the family successfully live off the grid.

Currently, father Paul works away as a military advisor to earn money for the family. But they all want to be able to live on the homestead full-time.

Danielle and Paul Crownover
Danielle and Paul talk about the challenges of living the homestead life

On the episode, Misty Raney devises a “waffle garden” — a desert-resistant garden made up of rows of square cells — to alleviate the family’s food shortage while Marty and Matt try to build a massive “fort” for their livestock out of three 40ft storage containers.

Ambitious or doable? Hopefully the Crownovers can sort their livestock issues, get a handle on those hungry cows and reap the financial rewards of living away from it all.

Watch our exclusive clip from the episode below…

Homestead Rescue airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Discovery

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