Family Feud’s ‘ridiculous’ producers on blast for asking the ‘weirdest’ question yet in the show’s history

steve harvey Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony at the W Hollywood Hotel
Steve Harvey hosts the popular Family Feud. Pic credit: ©Carrie-nelson

Family Feud has become known for its outlandish survey questions, but a recent one has fans of the show wondering just how far producers will go.

The popular weeknight game show has existed since 1976 and has seen several different hosts over the years.

Family Feud hosts know being funny is part of their job, and their sense of humor meshes with the show’s vibe.

During a recent episode of Family Feud, the show’s current host, Steve Harvey, asked a survey question when Hannah and Sara faced off at the podium.

“What might a guy with man boobs have in his cleavage?” the comedian-turned-TV host asked the opponents.

Sara was the first to buzz in, answering, “A cigar,” which appeared as the number-eight answer on the board.

Steve Harvey asks Family Feud contestants a question about ‘man boobs’

Because Sara didn’t come up with the number-one answer on the board, her competitor, Hannah, got a chance to answer.

“Money” was Hannah’s answer, snagging the fifth most popular answer given by respondents.

Since Hannah got the more popular answer, she could choose whether she and her team, the Cheshier family, wanted to pass or play, and they decided to play.

Eventually, the Cheshier family was able to sweep the round, putting up all eight answers on the board and earning themselves a hefty payout.

Hannah and Sara’s podium encounter was shared on Family Feud’s YouTube channel, where fans of the show watched.

While the Cheshier and Diaz families continued to go head-to-head in the video, Family Feud viewers at home watched and couldn’t help but focus on the outlandish survey question Steve Harvey asked.

Family Feud viewers call out the producers’ ‘stupid’ survey question

“Impressive to clear the board on such a bizarre question,” wrote @Skeppsvrak.

Another fan of the show was shocked by the survey question, one they referred to as “the weirdest question” they’d ever seen on Family Feud.

“Lol wtf,” @baseche9253 added.

family feud viewers complain about a "stupid" question on youtube
Pic credit: @familyfeud/YouTube

Another YouTube user asked who came up with the survey questions, clearly just as surprised by the question as the other commenters.

In response, @Yu13oh wrote, “The ridiculous producers lol.”

Larry clinches the win for the Cheshier family

The Cheshier family cleared the board with Larry’s answer, which clinched the number-three spot.

When Steve Harvey told him, “Give it to me, Larry,” he delivered with “He’s got dirt… filth.”

Although Steve seemed leery of Larry’s answer, it proved a winner, with eight out of the total 81 points on the board.

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