Family Feud viewers in shock over resurfaced clip of contestant’s morbid answer: ‘That got real dark’

steve harvey Miami Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena
Steve played along when a Family Feud contestant gave a morbid answer. Pic credit: © Robinson/OPM Photo

A former Family Feud contestant provided Steve Harvey with an answer that stunned fans of the show.

A clip from an episode of Family Feud in 2017 has resurfaced and has now gone viral on social media.

That’s because one contestant’s answer to a survey was shockingly morbid, but Steve Harvey accepted the answer without any qualms.

“Name something a woman might drive a man to do,” Steve said to the two contestants going head-to-head at the podium.

First, the male contestant buzzed in, answering, “Go shopping with her.”

When his answer produced no matches on the board, his female counterpart was given an opportunity to answer.

She quickly gave Steve her answer, which was, “Kill himself.”

Steve was a bit taken aback by the response but nodded his head as though in agreement.

“Might not be up there, but I damn sure thought of it a couple of times,” Steve joked. “Yeah, my ex-wife… yessiree.”

As it turned out, the contestant’s answer was on the board as the number-three answer.

Family Feud viewers express shock as throwback episode features a contestant’s ‘dark’ response

While the clip made its rounds on X (formerly Twitter), fans of Family Feud expressed their shock over such a morbid exchange on evening television.

Some Family Feud viewers took to the social media platform to respond to the clip that left them stunned.

“Wait it’s ACTUALLY ON THE BOARD,” wrote one such viewer on X.

family feud viewers react to a morbid answer on X
Pic credit: @poptwats/X

Another noted “the horror” on Steve Harvey’s face.

“That got real dark,” read another comment from an astounded Family Feud fan.

In response to a Family Feud viewer who shared a screenshot of the board showing “Kill Himself” as the number-three answer, another fan accused the show’s producers of using dishonorable answers to garner attention and views.

“This show has no boundaries,” they griped. “They resort to ‘scandalous’ answers to try and be edgy but it’s just gross.”

Steve Harvey is a good sport despite contestants’ offbeat answers

Steve Harvey often plays along with his contestants despite their sometimes off-the-wall answers.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Steve, 66, reacted to some contestants’ responses in recent months and didn’t hold back.

When a competitor supplied Steve with an NSFW answer during her time at the podium, Steve slammed his cue card down and jokingly chastised her for thinking of a risque answer.

“What were you thinking?!” Steve asked.

Then, when a Family Feud audience applauded a contestant’s unlikely answer during the final round during another recent episode, Steve delivered a stern message to his audience.

The contestant, Melissa, was asked, “At what age does a man no longer have the strength to fool around?”

When she answered 35 years old, Steve remarked that the number-one answer was actually 100 years old.

When the audience laughed, Steve turned to them and exclaimed, “Shut up! It’s the truth!”

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Out of all the dates this could have came out why now and why remind us of his comedy this and that’s? Is it because KATT WILLIAMS got the attention of MILLIONS across the world he really can’t hold his own and fled the real comedy world because he’s not that funny at all? Because we all know in a one on one battle he wouldn’t last 2 minutes with the GREAT KATT WILLIAMS. LMMFAO