Family Feud viewers fed up with ‘stupid’ questions and ‘dimwitted’ contestants: ‘Gets on your nerves!”

steve harvey The Beverly Hilton Hotel - Radford in Studio City
Steve has been hosting Family Feud for nearly 14 years. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Some of the producers’ survey questions and contestants’ answers are rubbing Family Feud viewers the wrong way.

Family Feud has become a popular weeknight game show, between host Steve Harvey’s comedic presence and the competitors’ often wild answers.

To be fair, contestants often give wild answers because the survey questions themselves can be off the wall, too.

During a recent episode of Family Feud, one of the survey questions didn’t sit well with viewers at home, who thought it was a bit ridiculous.

“Because it’s Hell, tell me something about all the beds there that make them hellish,” Steve read from his cue cards to the two contestants at the podium.

Charles McKissick was the first to buzz in, and answered, “It’s hot,” which happened to be the number-one answer with 31 points on the board.

Charles and his family chose to play rather than pass, and Steve headed over to their family’s podium to survey his teammates.

Steve Harvey is taken aback by one contestant’s answer: ‘What is he talking about?!’

When it was Jalen’s turn, he answered, “The souls … the dead souls.”

Steve was taken aback by Jalen’s answer, jokingly replying, “Did you hear the damn question?”

“What is he talking about?!” Steve asked the crowd.

Jalen’s answer didn’t produce any points for his team, nor did his other teammates, meaning the other team, the Brooks family, won the round.

Family Feud shared a clip of the segment on YouTube, where viewers at home expressed their dismay with the questions producers have been asking and took aim at family members who cheer on their teammates despite their “stupid” answers.

Clearly, Family Feud viewers are fed up with some aspects of the show, and they weren’t shy about griping about them in the comments section of the YouTube video.

Family Feud viewers are growing tired of the producers’ survey questions and family members cheering on ‘stupid’ answers

“This is a stupid question,” griped one YouTube commenter, with another chiming in, “Stupid stupid question.”

Another wrote, “This question sucks.”

family feud viewers react to a clip on youtube
Pic credit: @familyfeud/YouTube

As far as contestants cheering on their family members is concerned, other Family Feud watchers complained.

Mocking their interactions, one YouTube user wrote, “Good answer…Good answer…Good answer….fs gets on your nerves!!”

“Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – makes me laugh more than when a dimwitted contestant gives a really stupid answer then starts yelling ‘It’s up there!’ and clapping like a demented seal – before a huge red X appears on screen!!!”

Family Feud teammates are usually just being supportive of their family members, even when they suspect their answer isn’t going to be on the board, but viewers don’t see it that way.

Do contestants go overboard cheering on their family members, or should contestants continue to support their teammates? And are Family Feud producers getting out of line with their survey questions, or is it all just part of the game?

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Tanya Sutton
Tanya Sutton
2 months ago

Leave him alone. Why😡

Tanya Sutton
Tanya Sutton
2 months ago

Why would y’all say bad things about him. That man

Tanya Sutton
Tanya Sutton
2 months ago

Steve Harvey is the BEST 💯

1 month ago

It had nothing to do with Steve Harvey. Their are judges on the show that determin whether an answer is acceptable.