Family Feud viewers call out show’s ‘dumbest’ contestants: ‘How did these people make it past high school?’

steve harvey at the Steve Harvey Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollyood, CA
Family Feud viewers were less than impressed with recent contestants’ survey answers. Pic credit: ©

Some recent Family Feud contestants are being dubbed the “dumbest” in the show’s history.

The Stinson and Hill families went head-to-head during a recent episode of Family Feud, and some of their answers baffled viewers at home.

Taking the podium next to host Steve Harvey, Claudette from the Stinson team and Brooke from the Hill team faced off as Steve read their survey question from his card.

Steve was looking for the top four answers on the board as he told the ladies, “We asked 100 married women: Name something you can tell your husband is doing just by the sound of it.”

Claudette was the first to tap her buzzer, responding, “Enjoying sex.”

Her answer didn’t make it onto the board, earning her team an “X” and an opportunity for Brooke to put some points on the board for the Hills.

The Stinsons and the Hills struggle to put points on the board

When Steve pointed to Brooke to give her answer, she looked a bit unsure of herself as she said, “Cheating?”

Again, the buzzer sounded, turning the game back over to the Stinsons, with Darren getting a shot at taking control of the game.

But, like Claudette and Brooke, Darren came up short, unable to utter an answer in time before he earned his team a second “X.”

Wendy from the Hills’ team was the first to put points on the board, getting 10 with her answer, “Eating.”

Crystal came up with the number-one answer, “Sleeping,” with 52 points, and Michael put up 13 points with his number-two answer, “Watching sports,” but the rest of the team couldn’t pull off a win.

Brooke said, “Walking around the house,” and Wendy answered, “Working on the computer,” both turning up zero points.

The game was turned over to the Stinsons once again, and they were given the opportunity to steal the win by coming up with the number three answer on the board.

Nancy, the Stinsons’ team captain, gave Steve their answer, and collectively, they came up with “Lying.”

However, “Lying” wasn’t on the board, and the Hills won the round.

The third and final answer was “Brushing teeth,” with 10 points.

Family Feud critics take aim at ‘dumb’ contestants

A clip of the segment was shared on Family Feud’s official YouTube channel, where some viewers at home sounded off in the comments section.

Several Family Feud fans felt the Stinsons and the Hills weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed and called them out for their “dumb” answers.

family feud viewers comment on youtube about 'dumb' contestants
Family Feud viewers at home felt the contestants could have done a better job. Pic credit: @FamilyFeud/YouTube

“These contestants are so dumb they couldn’t get control on the first chance,” griped @TripSoul10.

Another Family Feud watcher asked, “With some of these answers, how did these people make it past high school? Lol…”

“‘Walking around the house’ has gotta be one of the dumbest answers!” added @bhagyaveer.

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Jodie locken
Jodie locken
1 month ago

I think the answers on the board are supid! Who makes those up!

1 month ago

I think all answers are funny at times no need to get upset it’s just a show HaHaHa

21 days ago

Answers funny sometimes, but his quickness with comments throughout the show is reason we watch. I love Steve Harvey & watch everything and anything he’s on tv. His show, “Steve” is super funny & great!!! We are very fortunate to watch all his shows!! Any show hes hosting is lucky to have him!!