Family Feud viewers appalled when contestant admits to ‘sexy’ dreams about his aunt: ‘Keep that to yourself!’

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Steve was left speechless by a Family Feud contestant’s response. Pic credit: © Robinson/ImageCollect

A Family Feud contestant’s answer at the podium had host Steve Harvey and viewers in complete shock.

Steve Harvey is accustomed to hearing some wild answers from contestants, but Jarrell McCullough’s answer was one of the most unhinged in recent episodes.

Jarrell faced off against Jenny from the Kleid family at the podium when Steve asked a risque question to the opponents.

“You know you shouldn’t, but name someone you have sexy dreams about,” Steve proposed to Jarrell and Jenny.

Jarrell was the first to tap his buzzer, and when it came time to deliver his survey answer, he told Steve, “My aunt.”

The audience was stunned for a second, as was Steve, who stared blankly at Jarrell, trying to make sense of his answer.

Family Feud contestant’s answer leaves host Steve Harvey speechless

Jarrell maintained a serious expression on his face before explaining himself.

“You said, ‘You shouldn’t!'” Jarrell exclaimed as a red “X” appeared on the board, earning his team a big, fat goose egg.

Steve was so shocked that he didn’t even respond to Jarrell, instead turning his attention to Jenny, who got a shot at taking control of the board.

Jenny’s answer, “You, Steve,” did, however, make it to the board and earn her team the top spot. Fifty-four surveyees provided the same answer, written as “Celeb/Jason Momoa.”

While Jenny stole the show with her number-one answer, Jarrell stole the show with his uninhibited response, and Family Feud viewers at home took notice.

The clip was shared to Family Feud’s official Instagram in a Reel captioned, “You know you shouldn’t, but name someone you have sexy dreams about. 🤔💭🍑 Podium answers leave #SteveHarvey speechless. #FamilyFeud.”

Family Feud viewers react to Jarrell’s survey response

The comments section was flooded with feedback from Family Feud fans, some of whom were amused by Jarrell’s answer and others who found his answer a bit too much.

“There are some things that should be kept to ourselves!” wrote actor Darrel L. Pullie.

Another Family Feud fan added, “Bruh, come on,” implying they found his response highly inappropriate for national television.

family feud viewers comment on instagram
Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

“His family will be feuding for real at the reunion,” joked @la_vagabonde_.

One Instagram user commented, “Dude unchained that on TV. Wild as f**k!”

“Family BBQ’s are going to be fun!” teased @nicole_stober_realtor_, with another fan of the show adding, “My man should [have] kept that to himself.”

Unfortunately, although Jenny won the faceoff at the podium, her family wasn’t able to back up her efforts.

The Kleids ended up with three strikes, turning the game back over to the McCulloughs.

Jarrell acted as his team’s captain, delivering their answer for one last shot at taking the win.

This time, Jarrell played it safe, answering, “Your doctor.”

“Doctor/Proctologist” was the number-eight answer on the board with two points, followed by “Clergy” at number seven, also with two points, “Politician” in the number-six spot with two points, “In-Law” with four points at the number-five spot, “My Hot Buddy” with seven points at number four, “Boss/Coworker” with nine points for the number-three position, “My Ex” with 16 points at number two, and finally, Jenny’s answer, “Celeb/Jason Momoa” at number one.

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