Family Feud couple ‘traumatizes’ their kids with naughty answer

steve harvey Shrine Auditorium in LA
Steve poses for photographers at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Pic credit: ©

One husband-and-wife duo shocked their teammates and the audience with a risque answer this week on Family Feud.

The Butler family faced off against the Burketts, and things got a little spicy — but to be fair, the answer warranted some sexually charged answers.

Longtime host Steve Harvey surveyed Donald Sr. from the Butler’s team and Dominique from the Burkett’s team at the podium in a round-opening faceoff.

The survey question Steve read to the competitors was, “Name something in your dreams that you might be riding on naked.”

Donald Sr. was the first to tap his buzzer, and his guess, “A horse,” was the number-one answer, putting 45 points on the board for the Butler family.

Donald and the rest of his family members chose to play rather than pass and headed over to their side of the stage.

Sylvia and Donald Sr. had fun with their spectators

When Steve got to Donald’s wife, Sylvia, her answer shocked her kids, her opponents, the studio audience, and Steve alike.

“My husband,” Sylvia told Steve with conviction.

Donald wasn’t shocked by his wife’s answer, however, and he raised his arms as the crowd wooed and cheered.

Steve did a little celebratory dance across the stage before returning to the Butler family’s podium, and Donald and Sylvia ate up all of the attention they garnered.

Meanwhile, Donald and Sylvia’s three kids, Shanelle, Sharelle, and Donald Jr., were in shock as Shanelle exclaimed, “Oh my God!”

Steve Harvey pokes fun at Sylvia and Donald’s kids

Steve took advantage of the moment, teasing them while they laughed along.

“That kind of messed the kids up, didn’t it?” Steve asked. “Kids ain’t never heard Mama say something like that before!”

Luckily for Sylvia, her racy answer was on the board, and earned her family 13 points for the number-two answer.

The clip was shared on Family Feud’s YouTube page in a clip titled, “Parents TRAUMATIZE their kids on the Feud!!”

The caption read, “Parents TRAUMATIZE their kids on the Feud!! Name something in your dreams you might be riding on naked.”

Family Feud viewers at home got a kick out of the exchange and took to the comments section to give their feedback.

Family Feud viewers at home react to Sylvia’s spicy answer

“Sylvia meant that!” wrote one fan of the show.

Another Family Feud viewer repeated Steve and Donald’s reactions to Sylvia’s answer, adding, “LOL 😄.”

Screenshot from Family Feud YouTube comments
The kids aren’t alright. Pic credit: @familyfeud/YouTube

“Well that’s one way to embarrass your kids on TV,” wrote @KayleighNatasha.

In response, @YourHighness888 disagreed and felt as though Sylvia embarrassed herself, not her kids, on national television.

“She’s embarrassing herself on TV,” they wrote.

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