Family Feud contestant’s ‘ridiculous’ answer nearly sends Steve Harvey off the set ‘on a gurney’

steve harvey Daytime Emmy Awards at the Warner Brothers Studio Lot
Steve Harvey had fun imitating a Family Feud competitor’s answer. Pic credit: ©

Steve Harvey burst into laughter and had the crowd doing the same when one Family Feud contestant gave a comical answer.

Jalen McKissick came up with a survey response that had everyone in stitches, including the Family Feud host himself.

When Jalen’s teammate, Shelenna, won the faceoff against Shayne from the O’Neil family’s team, the McKissicks opted to play the round rather than pass.

Steve made his rounds at the McKissicks’ podium, surveying Damaris and Lamar before approaching Jalen for his turn.

Steve repeated the survey question to Jalen, which read, “Name a reason a woman might say she thinks farmers are sexy.”

Jalen was quick to answer, telling Steve, “Their accents.”

Steve Harvey pokes fun at a Family Feud contestant’s ‘ridiculous’ answer

Steve was visibly confused by Jalen’s answer, as he stood with a blank stare on his face while Jalen’s teammates applauded his efforts.

“The what?” Steve then asked Jalen, still unsure what Jalen meant.

Jalen clarified, “Their accents, like their voice.”

Steve didn’t stop there, though. He put Jalen on the spot, asking him to give him an example of what he meant.

“Come here, girl, get over here,” Jalen responded with a vocal twang.

Jalen’s answer instantly drew laughter from everyone, including Steve, his family members, and the studio audience.

And, in true Steve fashion, he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to embellish the amusing moment, infusing even more humor into Jalen’s response.

Steve did his best impression of Jalen using a Southern accent, bellowing, “Come on, girl, get over here. You know what I’m talking about. I got this accent!”

Steve and Jalen’s interaction was shared by Family Feud on YouTube in a clip titled “Jalen’s ridiculous answer destroys Steve Harvey!!”

Family Feud viewers at home appreciate Steve and Jalen’s humorous exchange

The video received nearly 11,000 views in just several hours, and among the comments were Family Feud viewers who showed their appreciation for Steve’s quick-witted comedic talent.

“Steve Harvey is so good at reading the room. He understands the real comedy is contestants opening up, not really working too hard by ourselves,” began one YouTube user, giving Steve some major props.

family feud viewers comment on jalen's answer on youtube
Family Feud viewers at home got a kick out of Steve’s reaction to Jalen’s answer. Pic credit: @familyfeud/YouTube

“You got to love Steve Harvey, best game show host ever!” they added.

@brysonhillman8723 commented, “The way Steve said Jalen’s answer was so funny! I laughed so hard when he said it with a Southern accent!”

Another Family Feud fan expressed their amusement in their comment, which read, “Jalen almost sent Steve Harvey out of the Family Feud set on a gurney!!!”

Steve has become a favorite host among game show viewers, and it’s easy to see why.

Between the contestants’ wild answers and Steve’s entertaining responses, there’s never a shortage of laughs during episodes of Family Feud.

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