Family Feud contestant stuns Steve Harvey when he bails on Fast Money: ‘Where the hell were you going?’

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Steve Harvey was confused when a contestant walked off stage. Pic credit: ©

Steve Harvey was left hanging by a Family Feud contestant in a confusing moment during a Fast Money round.

The Charest family got a shot at winning $20,000 during their Fast Money round after winning a game of Family Feud.

Michael was the first of his family’s teammates to answer the survey questions and took his spot next to longtime host Steve Harvey.

Michael’s Fast Money round was shared in a clip on Family Feud’s YouTube channel in a video captioned, “Michael bails on Steve Harvey in Fast Money!! $20K??”

After Michael answered his five rapid-fire survey questions, the bell sounded, and the studio audience applauded his efforts, waiting for him to see his results.

But things took a turn when Michael made an on-stage faux pas.

Michael Charest mistakenly leaves Steve Harvey high and dry on the Family Feud stage

Rather than staying next to Steve on stage while the Family Feud host revealed how many points he earned for his team, Michael walked back to his family’s podium.

Michael quickly realized his mistake while approaching his family members and exclaimed, “Oh, geez, I’m sorry!” with a laugh.

Michael quickly trotted back toward Steve — who didn’t skip a beat — and waited silently with his arm out, ready for Michael to take his spot next to him.

Steve kept his composure and didn’t even smile as Michael, his teammates, and the audience burst into laughter, only shaking his head at Michael’s antics.

“I’m too excited… what can I say?” Michael told Steve.

That’s when Steve used his comedic timing to really get a laugh out of his audience.

“Where the hell were you going?!” Steve asked.

But it didn’t take Steve long to get back into the swing of things, reviewing Michael’s answers on the board.

Michael’s team wasn’t able to pull out a win for $20,000 in Fast Money

Michael’s answers earned his family 103 points, meaning his successor, Taylor, only needed to put up 97 points of her own.

Unfortunately for the Charest family, however, Taylor only produced 28 points with two zeroes on the board, coming up short by 69 points and costing her team a $20,000 win.

After watching the clip at home, Family Feud viewers commented on YouTube, and many of them found Michael’s blunder humorous.

Family Feud viewers appreciated the humorous exchange between Michael and Steve

One YouTuber mimicked the interaction between Steve and Michael.

“Steve: Where the hell was you going?” they wrote. “[LAUGHTER] LOL.”

“And he just walked away!! That was cute!!” added @sunnireid5198.

family feud viewers comment on youtube regarding michael's walkoff during fast money
Feud fans weigh in. Pic credit: @FamilyFeud/YouTube

Others poked fun at Michael’s gaffe, with @angelobrewster6293 adding, “I can just picture Steve saying ‘Where [the] Hell, is his little a** going?'”

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22 days ago

I just see the humor in his program ha ha ha