Family Feud contestant booed for ‘disrespecting’ her man: ‘That’s messed up’

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Steve hosts Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud on ABC. Pic credit: ©

A Family Feud contestant is in hot water for ridiculing her man’s skills in the bedroom.

Lately, it seems no topic is off limits when it comes to Family Feud survey questions.

That was the case during a recent episode in which a contestant named Shanelle Butler went head-to-head with her opponent at host Steve Harvey’s podium.

Steve asked the challengers to give him a word “starting with ‘W’ that describes your man in the bedroom.”

Shanelle was the first to tap her buzzer, and Steve pointed at her, signaling her to give her answer.

She wasted no time offering up her answer, which elicited quite a response from the crowd.

“Weak,” Shanelle said with conviction as Steve gave her a serious stare, and the audience disapprovingly groaned in unison.

Shanelle’s answer gets a rile out of the studio audience and host Steve Harvey

Shanelle laughed as she got booed, standing firm in her response.

Steve took advantage of the situation and used the opportunity to crack a joke.

“Bruh, whoever you are…” Steve said as he made a concerned-looking expression.

“Weak” was not one of the top six answers on the board, and Shanelle’s response earned an “X” on the board for her team.

Family Feud viewers at home were just as shocked as the live studio audience and called out Shanelle for her “disrespectful” answer.

The clip was shared to Family Feud’s official Instagram feed in a Reel captioned, “What’s a word starting with ‘W’ that describes your man in bed?? 💀💪💀 #SteveHarvey: ‘Bruh.’ #FamilyFeud.”

Shanelle’s clip was popular, earning nearly 30,000 likes, and her critics sounded off.

“She’s gotta be single, because if she wasn’t, after that answer, she will be,” commented one Family Feud viewer.

Another Instagram user wrote that Shanelle’s man “deserves better.”

“Omg!!!” wrote @onixxivkcollections. “She just stabbed bro in the back with a dagger.”

One at-home fan of the show felt Shanelle’s answer was “very disrespectful,” and another expressed it was “messed up.”

family feud viewers comment on instagram about shanelle's answer
Family Feud critics weigh in. Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

The Butler family took a shot at $20,000 during the Fast Money round

Shanelle’s controversial answer at the podium wasn’t the last Family Feud viewers saw of her during the episode.

She and her teammate, Donald Jr., were chosen to compete in the final Fast Money round with a chance to earn their family $20,000.

With 112 points on the board, Shanelle was tasked with earning an additional 88 points to reach 200 and score her family the grand prize of $20,000.

Unfortunately, Shanelle came up 30 points short, and her family finished with 170 points.

At $5 per point, the Butler family ended up with $850, but their two-day total was $20,850, and they earned themselves a spot in the next episode as the reigning champs.

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