Family by the Ton on TLC: Supertease shows Season 2 premiere date, families fighting the war on fat together

One of TLC’s most popular newer shows is back along with the longer running My 600-lb Life, and it’s loaded with new stories of entire families with massive amounts of weight to lose.

It will be anything but easy as you see how these family members sort of helped each other get into the predicament that they are in now.

There is a lot of co-dependency and enabling going on here. Bring on the blame game as stubborn behaviors and patterns of evading any medical advice or efforts abound, as you will see in the super trailer clip for Season 2 of Family by the Ton.

Who will be featured?

Up at bat are the Anderson family, who are under the medical guidance of Dr. Procter.

Also included in the series are the King family, four members of a new family are featured, facing what is described as life and death consequences of morbid obesity.” All four King cousins make a pact that they will go on a weight loss fight to end the family legacy of obesity.

Casey King has layers of stubborn behaviors and an attitude, will he be successful in his weight loss goals? Pic credit: TLC
Casey King has layers of stubborn behaviors and an attitude. Will he be successful in his weight loss goals? Pic credit: TLC

Casey King tops the family obesity scale and is the largest, weighing in at over 700-lbs. In the clip, you can see he is also immature, contrary and utterly lacks any motivation to get out of his parents’ home.

According to the notes distributed on this series, “Casey spends most of his time eating mountains of food in his bedroom while playing video games for hours on end,” and you know he is completely enabled by his dad who will do anything to keep him happy.

Casey’s cousin Ed is a loving father of two, but even though he is half of Casey’s size, clocking in at a weight of 450-lbs, it is still dangerously overweight and that needs to be reversed so he can be a present and alive parent for his worried daughters, one of whom you see in the clip as her dad expresses fears about surgery.

Another King to worry about is Amanda. For her, it is a diagnosis of endometrial cancer that woke her up to her reality.  Amanda is untreatable as long as she continues to weigh 650-lbs and must lose half her body weight if she ever hopes to have her cancer surgically removed.

Meanwhile, their cousin Amy seems to be the lightest of the King clan at 400 pounds, but she sees a future of pain and limitations that will affect her health and ability for any normalcy in relationships.

The handwriting is on the wall for the Kings. Collectively they are all in the danger zone, some more than others, and need to get serious about their excessive weight.

The quotes tell it all

“I think he needs to move on beyond video games.” [Casey’s parents]

“Let’s just stop bugging me about this other stuff that has nothing to do maybe I am overweight [because] I felt attacked ganged up on, annoyed [and] pissed off!” [Casey retaliating]

“This is serious for me. If I don’t lose weight, I’m gonna die from cancer,”

“At the end of the day, I want to make over my body in my mind.”

“I’m not eating the wrong food…I’m just eating a lot of food.”

“I think it’s important for us to hold each other accountable.”

Will we see season one’s Anderson family?

The Andersons will be back on the series for a checkup. Pic credit: TLC
The Andersons will be back on the series for a checkup. Pic credit: TLC

Yes! In the second half of the season, the Anderson family are back for a check to see how they are. Drew, Naomi, and Chitoka all have had weight-loss surgeries.

But surgery doesn’t change behavior.

Unfortunately, adopting a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise is harder to do than losing weight for weight loss surgery.

As time passes, the challenge of staying on track grows and the trio finds themselves in some trouble.

You will also meet their 650-lb cousin Shavonne, who is now desperate for a change and decides to get the green light for weight-loss surgery.

In time, Shavonne has a shift of thinking and realizes it’s not just the pounds but the weight of her past that has her trapped in a spiral of bad health. She gets it and tries to motivate her cousins to follow through in their weight-loss journey together as a family.

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Season 2 of Family by the Ton premieres Wednesday, January 2 at 10/9c on TLC. 

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