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Extra footage and enhanced episodes on Ancient Aliens: Declassified

Ancient Aliens: Declassified
Ancient Aliens: Declassified combines the best of the series

Ancient Aliens: Declassified combines some of the best episodes from the series and enhances them with some extra footage.

From theories on ancient aliens visiting Earth in the past to coverage of recent sightings, the shows look at the evidence for aliens having already visited our planet.

Ufologist and ancient astronaut theorists discuss the many civilisations that seemingly developed very quickly and who produced some structures that we still marvel at today. From ancient Egypt to the complex temples carved out of the rock in India, they wonder if the people who built them had help or guidance from aliens.

Does the Moon have a secret?
Does the Moon have a secret?

They also theorise that many of the figures in ancient religions and myths could have been extraterrestrials. For instance was Shiva really the leader of an advanced civilisation?

Other topics include whether the Moon is hollow and if the last 100 years of very fast technological change is built on alien knowledge.

Tune in for fascinating discussions and some interesting evidence.

Ancient Aliens: Declassified airs Friday 8:00 PM on History Channel and the new season of Ancient Aliens starts on April 28.

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