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Expedition Mungo searches for Argentina’s answer to Bigfoot, the Ucumar

Expedition Mungo Ucamar
Expedition Mungo is after the Ucamar of South America, a sort of little Bigfoot

This week Expedition Mungo is headed to South America in search of Argentina’s answer to Big Foot, the Ucamar.

The Ucamar is said to inhabit the hills surrounding the Andes Mountain range and is said to be a small humanoid creature that walks upright.

The creature has been described as a small goblin like humanoid with big green eyes and very large incisor teeth.

Back in the summer of 2010 a local famer in the El Creston area of Argentina claimed to have shot an Ucamar, but the reports of any followup seem rather sketchy.

However, it is not an isolated report and the local newspaper, El Tribuno, runs stories on the creature every now and then.

Expedition Mungo
Paul Mungeam heads to South America in search of another legendary creature. Credit: Mungo Facebook

Will Mungo have any luck in tracking down this elusive creature?

Expedition Mungo airs Sundays at 10:00 PM on Animal Planet. 

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