Expedition Bigfoot season 2: The hunt for Sasquatch is returning to our TV screens on the Travel Channel

The team at Expedition Bigfoot pictured in the wilderness
The team at Expedition Bigfoot is taking the hunt for Sasquatch to Kentucky. Pic credit: Travel Channel

The hunt for Bigfoot is continuing as the Travel Channel has just announced that Expedition Bigfoot is returning to our screens with a second series.

The first series focused on Oregon, but it seems like the guys will be aiming their efforts this time on an Appalachian forest in southeast Kentucky.

The science-led team meets up after an upsurge of sightings of the furry monster in the last year.

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The team says their advanced data algorithm has identified a 75,000-acre area where the chances of spotting sasquatch greatly increase during a specific 21-day window.

Expedition Bigfoot

The network says the guys are in a race against time to find the beast or beasts, but that the analysis seems to indicate that they may have located a possible Bigfoot migratory pattern.

This could mean they need to sit back and wait for the terrifying creatures to turn up.

This season we can expect the team to be using the most up to date scientific equipment. And we’ll be coming across mysterious structures, DNA samples, and massive footprints.  Also, expect to hear Sasqutach’s howl.

Last season the guys embarked on a three-week expedition, but this time, they took two whole months, so they could really get to grips with the data and pinpoint Bigfoot. There’ll be 12 new one-hour episodes and two one-hour specials this season.

The show will hit our screens on Sunday, January 3, 2021, with an hour-long special at 8/7c on Travel Channel. The main event will be at 9/8c.

Meet the Expedition Bigfoot team

The team will once again be led by actor and Expedition Operations manager Bryce Johnson, who has built up a phenomenal wealth of knowledge on Bigfoot ever since developing an obsession on the subject as a small child.

He will be joined by world-renowned primatologist Dr. Mireya Mayor who has been described as the female Indiana Jones. Dr. Mayor has spent years in the field as a wildlife correspondent, reporting on wildlife and habitat loss and how to fix the situation.

Her credits and resume list is long and varied but includes co-discovering a brand-new species of the world’s smallest primates. Safe to say, she knows what she’s talking about.

Russell Accord is a former Army Sergeant and a skilled survivalist who has spent years hiking through the American wilderness. He’s also the author of Footprints of a Legend and Bigfoot and the Tripwire.

Last but not least is Ronny LeBlanc, a globally recognized expert in the world of paranormal, Bigfoot, and UFOs.

He’s the author of the critically acclaimed, best-selling book Monsterland: Encounters With UFOs, Bigfoot and Orange Orbs. LeBlanc was also the first person ever to cast a Bigfoot print.

Basically, if anyone is going to find Bigfoot, then it’s these guys. We can also expect the team to consult with various experts and eyewitnesses who have encountered this terrifying beast.

We can expect to see lots of creepy forests with stunning scenery and some blood-curdling howls in the series. This might be one to watch with the lights on!

The Search Continues | Expedition Bigfoot | Travel Channel

Expedition Bigfoot is a spin-off of the Expedition Unknown series that follows presenter Josh Gates, who investigates various strange legends and mysteries worldwide, such as the existence of Bigfoot’s Himalayan cousin, the Yeti.

The second season of Expedition Bigfoot will be hitting our screens at 9/8c on Travel Channel.

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