Executions, torture and suicides as Paranormal Lockdown visits The Dana Prison in Shrewsbury

Paranormal Lockdown visits The Dana Prison
Paranormal Lockdown visits The Dana Prison

This week on Paranormal Lockdown, Nick and Katrina are in the UK where they spend time at Shrewsbury Prison.

If any place is going to have paranormal activity it is going to be this historic prison, with executions, suicides and claims of torture it was the hard edge of justice in the area for centuries.

The prison has been open since 1773, with the present building finihsed in 1877. It closed in 2013 and more recently Jailhouse Tours have taken over and plan to redevelop the site as a tourist attraction.

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The prison housed both male and female inmates and was the seen of countless public executions over the year, with the last one being on April 11, 1863. Huge crowds used to gather and people even sold souvenirs!

The Dana Prison
The Dana Prison lies in the heart of the UK, near the border of Wales and England

During the 20th Century  seven men were executed for murder, the last one was in 1961 and soon after in 1965 the death penalty was abolished for murder.

All the executed men were buried in unmarked graves within the prison walls, though in the 1970s they were dug up and cremated. No mention is made of the many more executed before this time.

The prison has been notorious for years and is even mentioned in a poem by A.E. Housman, that alludes to the station via which the prisoners were transported.

They hang us now in Shrewsbury jail:
The whistles blow forlorn,
And trains all night groan on the rail
To men that die at morn.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man also filmed at the prison, where it doubled for the fictional Whitecross Prison.

Find out this week what happened when Nick and Katrina were locked down in this creepy building.

Watch Paranormal Lockdown – Shrewsbury Prison at 9 PM on TLC.

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