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Exclusive: Watch Naked and Afraid XL All-Stars women catching catfish with bows and arrows

Watch an exclusive clip from Naked and Afraid XL All-Stars — as three women go fishing for catfish, with bows and arrows!

The drama takes place in Africa where the three women, Lindsey Leitelt, Melissa Miller, and Kaila Cummings, have to figure out a way to survive by catching the slippery fish in a seriously muddy pond.

With crocodiles and other apex predators lurking all around, the show sees the survivalists having to survive for 40 days and 40 nights in the drought-afflicted and potentially deadly Selati River Basin.

It’s serious business and the production team that film these naked survivalists can only do so much. If something is laying in wait and attacks, the contestants’ lives are in real danger.

On this episode of Naked and Afraid XL All-Stars, Africa Strikes First, an attack by a venomous predator puts one of the survivalists at risk only three days into the challenge.

In the exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, we see the starving all-women team continues their quest for catfish by treading into the knee-deep mud with bow and arrows…and their method is quite impressive.

Our three intrepid women are hunting in the Noja Cliffs and, despite it being day five, they have not eaten at all.

Lindsey, a chef in the normal world, says: “Today is day five and we haven’t eaten anything yet we’re hungry.”

Lindsey Leitelt
Lindsey first appeared in the Namibia Naked and Afraid season

It goes without saying that everything, including food, is ultra scarce and these contestants are tired. On the show the competitors hunt warthogs and impalas, but as they trace their prey the survivalists soon discover they are being tracked by larger man-killers.

 Melissa Miller
We first met Melissa in the Amazon on Naked and Afraid

Melissa agrees, and knows it’s time to act. She tells the camera: “Those catfish are really hard to catch with our hands so we were gonna shoot our arrows into that pond.” She then asks the others: “Shall we go catfishing?”

Staring at the uninviting muddy pond, Melissa says: “This is all trial and error at this point. I’m upset that we haven’t been able to catch one with our hands yet, but those things are super slippery.

“You can’t see the catfish. This is literally just aiming and hoping that…”

Finishing her sentence, Lindsey chimes in, saying: “You’re just looking for the bubbles and the head.”

Would you fish and go in that pond? Lurking crocodiles and lions, anyone?

Hats off to Melisa who finally manages to hit the first catfish, before reaching in the water to pull it out. She then tries again and immediately lands a second.

Melissa Miller
Melissa is a dead eye sharpshooter and nails a fish in murky muddy waters

Beaming with pride, she says: “Nothing makes me happier than giving people something I’ve caught. I feel like a strong survivalist, and I feel like I really helped my team.”

Whooping it up and covered in mud, Kaila and Lindsey are thrilled and the three women all head back to their camp.

They wind up getting more fish than they expected and thanks to Melissa’s sharpshooter acumen with a bow, they have secured a filling protein-rich dinner. Nourishment for a while, at least…

Naked and Afraid XL All-Stara airs Sundays at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery.

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