Exclusive Video: Cody “Thrive” Dunlap talks sharing Stranded with a Million Dollars prize money with #TeamAlgina

Cody “Thrive” Dunlap taking out his frustration with tonight’s finale on a TV

After 40 days in a South Pacific jungle with a dwindling number of Millennial competitors, Cody “Thrive” Dunlap has to share the prize money with his last favorite people, Alex Apple and Gina Lam of #TeamAlgina.

And’s he’s pissed about it.

But not bitter. Because he has a plan.

This is a guy who grew up wanting to be a reality TV star.

Not a traditional career path, but hey, Millennials have all kinds of new opportunities, right?

He’s on a mission to become a legend in reality television, and he’s pretty sure that s**ting in the fresh water supply will at least get him nominated for some awards.

Was it truly a most shocking moment? Or a most horrifying moment. You be the judge.

Stranded with a Million Dollars airs Tuesdays on 10/9c on MTV.

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