Exclusive: TLC’s Unexpected mid-season preview shows new teen mom Rilah in distress

Unexpected supertease for this coming midseason premiere shows Rilah in distress when she is admitted for delivery. Pic credit: TLC
Unexpected super tease for this upcoming mid-season premiere shows Rilah in distress when she is admitted for delivery. Pic credit: TLC

In our exclusive mid-season super tease for TLC’s Unexpected, every family featured on this dramatic series has significant drama going down. The clip ends with new teen mother Rilah undergoing some fetal stress as she is about to deliver a baby.

TLC’s riveting series returned in August for a third season. The mid-season returns this Sunday.

The shocking show follows young people becoming parents and even five generations of one family.

Teenage couples’ journeys through parenthood and the heaviness of real-life and responsibilities that fall upon each family are what drives the narrative.

They all seem to struggle to raise multiple generations, frequently under the same roof. Money, addiction issues, and infidelity are all part of the daily lives of these seemingly unprepared parents whose own parents cause a lot of the friction.

Not every family member agrees with the teens when it comes to child-rearing, and that causes problems too — not to mention some animosity between in-laws.

Who is on Unexpected?

We see McKayla (18) and Caelan (20) who are expecting their second child.

Also, Chloe (17) and Max (19) are adjusting as first-time parents while holding on to their relationship, despite Chloe’s parents’ disapproval.

Four new couples enter the mix, all navigating the emotional roller-coaster of teenage pregnancy and parenthood. This cast includes Hailey (16) and Matthew (16); Rilah (16) and Anthony (18); and Tyra (18) and Alex (18). Also, Tyra’s younger sister Tiarra (16) recently birthed her first child with boyfriend Dee (18).

The season opened with McKayla and Caelan at loggerheads in their love affair and McKayla self-inducing labor on her second child.

Chloe is a single mom to Ava. She also attempts to maintain distance between her parents and her boyfriend Max, unwelcome in her parents’ home and who may be facing jail time.  Max is seen in the clip mouthing off terribly to his father.

Also, Tiarra gave birth to a baby girl, and sister Tyra finds out that she is five months pregnant. There are worries about the health of her baby.

Also, Hailey is persona non grata as Matthew has yet to introduce her to his sister, who has doubts about Matthew’s ability to be a father.

The series whipsaws from proms and maternity wards to baby showers fraught with tension, delivery room dramas, and real family interventions.

What non-profit is tied to Unexpected?

TLC and Power to Decide, the campaign to prevent unplanned pregnancy are united to help viewers spark meaningful conversations about unplanned pregnancies.

TLC says:

There have been historic declines in teen pregnancy and meaningful declines in unplanned pregnancy over the past two decades, according to Power to Decide. However, progress doesn’t mean victory: nearly one in four girls will get pregnant by age 20, and children of teen moms are more likely to become teen parents themselves. Based on themes covered in the show, Power to Decide is creating discussion-starters, information and tips for young people and their parents, mentors and allies to jump-start open conversations and ensure all young people have the power to decide if, when and under what circumstances to get pregnant and have a child. These resources will be available for viewers at

Unexpected airs Sunday at 10 pm ET/PT on TLC

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