Exclusive: Tim Kennedy blows up an IED made of toilet roll and fuel on Hard to Kill

Tonight, Discovery’s breakaway hit series Hard to Kill with Tim Kennedy examines the threat of improvised explosive devices on the battlefield.

The episode sees Kennedy learn how IEDs maim, kill and fool troops, as well as how to protect yourself and spot them.

Tim also gets to blow up a makeshift IED and wear a special suit to protect from an explosion.

In warfare today, bombs can sometimes be made to look like trash or disguised as toilet paper, shocking Tim as he learns how lethal they are to unsuspecting victims.

Bombs can send a deadly shock wave that can collapse your internal organs and kill you instantly, as well as remove limbs in an instant. To protect against this life-altering or potentially fatal threat, bomb suits used by the military pair sophisticated layers of hard ballistic panels with softer low-density foam. The streamlined suits are a far cry from what they used to look like.

Using a roll of toilet paper and fuel easily purchased over the counter just about anywhere in the world, the military experts show Tim how terrorists make cheap and easy explosives from garbage and bits of normal looking items found in the trash.

Looks like old food takeout trash, but can kill you, the new IED bombs are very dangerous
This IED looks like old food takeout trash, but can kill you

“And this could be deadly?” asks Tim holding a toilet roll bomb. He is told it could be, but many people become victims of these kinds of new killers on the battlefield because they look so innocuous.

Artillery was once the biggest killer in war, but not anymore. Yelling “fire in the hole”, Tim detonates a toilet roll bomb and sees how lethal the impact is.

Tim Kennedy tests the bomb strength of a toilet roll IED tonight
Tim Kennedy tests the bomb strength of a toilet roll IED tonight

Kennedy, a former Green Beret, Special Forces sniper and champion MMA fighter, is no slouch in accomplishments and he doesn’t flinch easily. But in Hard to Kill, he shows just how hard some people’s jobs actually are.

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Watch tonight as Tim heads to the war zone to see what bomb squads and people who have to clear minefields must deal with on a daily basis.

Hard to Kill airs Friday at 10/9c on Discovery Channel.

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