Swamp People exclusive: ‘Nunkie’ Troy Landry’s new strategy and partner revealed

Troy Landry
Troy wants Holden to unlearn the bad habits from when he was paired with son Chase

The long reptilian drought is over y’all! Spring is coming as History just wrapped Vikings but has rolled out our next favorite series, Swamp People.

Last season, the chemistry was so good with Troy Landry and his nephew Holden that the network spun off a new special two-parter called Swamp People: Everglades that took the two men down to the Florida Everglades, where sightings of crocodiles – an invasive species introduced to the ecosystem – reportedly have flourished.

Our exclusive preview shows the producers liked the match and have paired up with “Nunkie” uncle Troy, as Troy tells his slimmed down fit nephew “you got to learn, Holden!”

Holden Landry
Holden seems to be the new Landry heir apparent on Swamp People

Troy has to run double the 50 lines to make the numbers to make money, basically laying these lines down twice in a single day in the same areas. No gator will be left unturned!

“Here we tryin’ to hustle and run lines faster than ever, time is money!” says Troy. “Ain’t gonna be no picnic, ain’t gonna be no knives and machetes. Whatever Holden got used to doin’ last year with Chase Michael he can forget about it this year. He hunting with Chase’s daddy this year!”

The clip shows Troy coming up on a line buried under swamp vegetation as he asks Holden to find the line and carefully pull it up to see if they have a gator on the end of it.

You know they do! The clip fades to black before we get a look at what the two Landry kin have snared.

Do you think it’s a good idea to split up Chase and Ho? Or is Troy betting his nephew will outperform his son Chase who seems to have a lot on his mind.

Swamp People airs Thursdays at 9 PM E/P on History.

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Evette Graves
Evette Graves
2 years ago

I Absolutely Love this Show… It has me Stuck to the TV!! I Love All The Landry Men & can not turn away when RJ & Jay Paul Show Up!!!