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Exclusive: Survivalist caught by flash flood on Naked and Afraid

Tonight’s Naked and Afraid is off the hook with twists, turns, tap outs and a flash flood — which threatens to wipe out a camp.

The episode takes place in Nicaragua, amid a lush low-lying jungle area, and sees survivalist Wes Heustess tap out early on, before being replaced by James Lewis as the partner of survivalist Leah McCabe.

McCabe is not featured in our exclusive clip but believe me, if she was you would know it. Here is a photo of her on location for the series from her official Facebook page:

It’s just as well really, because James needs no distractions as he has his hands full when he hears an approaching rainstorm.

You can see it dawn on him and watch his facial expressions change in the video as he realizes he is downstream from what will soon become a torrent of water that will jeopardize his entire encampment.

This is where James wishes he had some Depends undergarments, as the flood hits

Frantically he digs a channel trying to beef up the margins around his lagoon, but as he says “it’s too little too late” and the water threatens to get up into his fire pit and tent.

This inhospitable idyll is teeming with bull sharks that make their way up rivers and into estuaries and shallow lagoons, as well as big cats that are ready to pounce at any chance.

Add to that snakes, huge insects and plants that will make you itch. Club Med it is not.

James’ struggle to survive hits a low point as the brutal flood threatens to wipe out the camp and send him packing home early. But will he manage to make it through?

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

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