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Exclusive preview: Sarah weighed 200 lbs. at 8-years-old on My 600-lb Life

Imagine you hit the scales at 200 pounds before your tenth birthday?

Tonight, on My 600-lb Life on TLC we meet a young woman, Sarah, who skyrocketed in weight due to compulsive overeating.

She lays the blame for this behavior on her chaotic childhood and alcoholic father. But even after her dad was out of the picture, she continued to compulsively eat on the sly and when no one was around. She admits to becoming a masterful food sneak in our exclusive clip. This behavior understandably upset her other who tried to prevent her midnight food raids.

Sarah’s weight problems really did start at an early age due to an unstable mother and alcoholic dad, made worse by an abusive stepfather later in the picture. By high school, her mother had remarried a bad man, and Sarah continued hoarding food nightly and as such, weighed over 400-lbs as a young teenager.

To compound matters further, Sarah added even more weight when her mother struggled with addiction.

As these things often go, her poor health and limited mobility all added up to more problems, as she was pushed over the edge by a cellulitis infection in her skin that forced her to live with her mother and grandmother.

Sarah cannot get out of this chair for anything and relies on her mother and grandmother

Now at age 24, Sarah depends on them to be her carers, as she can barely walk or stand. And because of her enormous size, Sarah must sleep in a reclining chair or faces sudden death from severe sleep apnea.

When it comes to hygiene, Sarah depends on her mother and grandmother too for keeping her clean and helping her with toilet functions.

Can Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in Houston help Sarah who now weighs in at 640 pounds? Sarah fears she will die before she’s even had a chance to have a life or marry and have children.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesday at 8/7c on TLC.